Equalizing access to business financing

Access to capital should not be restricted
to those ‘in-the-know’

At Raistone, we believe that all businesses should have access to their money, on their terms. We deliver billions of dollars of working capital each year to business of all sizes through the world’s leading enterprise software firms, including SAP, NetSuite and dozens more.

Access to Cash

Solutions for Suppliers

Accelerate your payments: Suppliers get paid now for invoices due later.


Accounts Receivable Finance

A business accelerates payment on an invoice due later and is paid at up to 100% advance rate.

Employee Retention Credits

Raistone advances businesses payment on their Employee Retention Credits (ERCs).

Virtual Cards

A unique digital card number, providing a secure, easy way to receive payments quickly.


A proprietary cloud-based receivables platform from Raistone used by businesses.

Term Flexibility

Solutions for Buyers

Stabilize your supply chain: Corporate buyers can maintain or extend payment terms while offering suppliers the ability to be paid in advance of the invoice due date.


Supply Chain Finance

A company agrees to pay approved invoices at a later date, while their suppliers are paid more quickly.

Flex Pay

A business extends payment terms with no effect on their suppliers, giving companies better control of their balance sheet.

Virtual Cards

A company gains flexible payment terms while also paying their suppliers early in a safe, secure and convenient manner.

Embedded Finance

Cutting-Edge Fintech

Raistone technology can be embedded within the platforms companies already use, offering clients receivables finance and allowing suppliers to be paid in advance of an invoice due date

Platforms & Integrations


invoiceXcel (iX) is Raistone’s proprietary cloud-based receivables & supply chain finance platform. Learn how invoiceXcel can be embedded to make B2B payments easier than ever before.


Raistone enables the world’s largest enterprise software firms, including SAP, NetSuite, C2FO, Infor and dozens more, to deploy an embedded working capital finance tool for millions of users.

A New Asset Class

Trade Finance Platform

Data analysis, machine learning, and risk assessment enable Raistone to offer a curated marketplace to investors. Our RaiScore® is a real-time, comprehensive rating that evaluates a Trade Asset and can provide investors with an immediate assessment of deals.