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Accounts Receivable Financing Vs. Asset-Based Lending: Which is the right financing option for your company?

Though they are frequently confused with each other and oftentimes incorrectly used interchangeably due to their core solution, Accounts Receivable Finance and Asset-Based Lending are two very different financial products that solve working capital needs in similar ways but with different financial terms, rates, and collateral.
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What is Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)? Understanding and Optimizing Accounts Receivable for the Health of Your Business
Efficient accounts receivables management is essential for a steady cash flow and financial stability. Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) serves as a key metric in evaluating the performance of your receivables. Use our calculator to determine your business’s DSO and learn how Raistone can help.
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In Their Own Words: The Women of Raistone Discuss Women’s History and the Strive for Equality in Fintech
March is Women’s History Month, celebrating the contributions of women today and throughout history. We asked some of the women of Raistone for their thoughts on what it means to be a woman in the finance and fintech industries.
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What is sustainable finance, and how can it benefit your company?
There is a growing realization that sustainable business practices can create long-term value for companies, their employees, and investors. By integrating sustainable practices and considerations into their strategies, companies can drive innovation, enhance operational efficiency, attract and retain talent, and build stronger relationships with customers and the communities they serve.
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Shohei Ohtani, the LA Dodgers, and the Power of $680M in Deferred Payments
Professional athletes generally have two primary goals: Winning championships, and getting paid. Thanks to the power of deferred payments, two-way pitcher Shohei Ohtani may get both.
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Addressing Uncertainty in the Financial Space
Major and recent controversies around increased financing rates, the failures of several mid-size regional banks, and anticipated tightening of credit conditions has bred a yellow brick road of opportunity, all leading to alternative finance and — more specifically — structured trade finance.
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Unlock the Power of Your Invoices — Accounts Receivable Finance from Raistone
In this whitepaper, Raistone financial experts detail how our Accounts Receivable Finance program helps businesses of all sizes, in all sectors.
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Top 10 Things Tax Professionals Need to Know About the Employee Retention Credit
The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is one of the most important recent tax credits available to businesses as they continue to recover from the effects of COVID-19. Read now to learn about what tax preparers need to know about this tax credit.
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Driving Growth
In this whitepaper, Raistone CFO Michael Bruynesteyn details how the aftermarket auto parts business has historically been one of the worst for delayed payments in the U.S. economy.
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Stabilize Your Supply Chain
Raistone estimates show there is as much as $4 trillion worth of invoices outstanding on any given day in the U.S., as businesses frequently wait as long as 180 days for payment.
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Investing in Trade Finance Assets
Recently Raistone CEO Dave Skirzenski hosted a panel of industry experts hosted by the CFA Society of New York to discuss how Trade Finance has grown as an investment asset class. Watch the full video.
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“Without Raistone backing Shamrock, I would not have the confidence to pursue the growth goals we have set.”
Kevin O’Shea CEO at Shamrock Electric Co., Inc.
“By utilizing Raistone, our company has been able to grow faster, hire more people, and retain more employees based on being able to pay them in a very timely manner.”
Bennett Coughlan President of SolarFlow
“What Raistone offers is a fantastic product. Every small- and medium- sized business should be using it. ”
Todd Giardina CEO, Todd’s IT
“By using accounts receivable finance and supply chain finance with Raistone, our company was able to unlock $296 million from our balance sheet without incurring any incremental debt.”
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