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invoiceXcel (iX) is Raistone’s proprietary cloud-based receivables & supply chain finance platform. Learn how invoiceXcel can be embedded to make B2B payments easier than ever before.

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How it works

Purchase Order Generated

Invoice is generated for goods or services to be provided.

Goods Delivered

Buyer is provided with goods or services as requested.

Data Acquisition

Invoices, purchase orders, and inventory data is obtained from leading ERP and e-invoice providers.

invoiceXcel Platform

Supplier views the invoices eligible for funding and selects from one up to all for early payment via electronic funds transfer or Virtual Card.

Corporates Pay as Usual

Corporates pay as directed by supplier.

An Innovative Financing Platform

invoiceXcel (iX) is a proprietary cloud-based receivables & supply chain finance platform from Raistone, which is used directly by buyers and suppliers. Companies can also embed iX within the platforms they already use, offering their clients receivables finance and allowing users to be paid in advance of an invoice due date.

Benefits of invoiceXcel

For Corporates

  • Provide access to cost effective, non-debt early payment on goods delivery, purchase orders and inventory to 100% of your supplier base.

  • Extend trade payable days while minimizing impact on supplier’s liquidity.

  • Includes suppliers not eligible for, or accepting of, existing Dynamic Discounting, Supply Chain Finance or Virtual Card programs.

  • Earn incremental revenue commensurate with supplier participation, reduce your costs associated with Letters of Credit or Trade Credit Insurance.

For Partners

  • Raistone finance APIs are embedded into leading B2B platforms such as ERPs, e-invoice providers, and source-to-pay networks, enabling the platforms to offer working capital solutions.


  • Platforms can offer an embedded version of invoiceXcel, enabling them to offer their clients receivables finance, and to allow users to be paid in advance of an invoice due date.


  • The solution also provides reporting of daily multi-currency payments, collections, and cash reconciliation between all parties. invoiceXcel offers payment options spanning electronic funds transfer or Virtual Card.

For Suppliers

  • Improve opportunity for more sales. Easily meet all orders on hand as you will have the cash on hand for sizable inventory purchases, new equipment or new hires.

  • Receive funds as quickly as the same day.

  • Non-debt working capital. It is not debt that will accrue interest and require repayment over months or years.

  • Compatible with existing financing arrangements such as asset backed loans, term loans or factoring.

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As a world leading fintech, Raistone has a proven track record of both innovation and reliability. Our proprietary technology and machine learning algorithms process millions of invoices, and that data is used to provide larger credit lines, higher advance rates, and lower-cost products.

Raistone is on the forefront of providing equitable access to capital and addressing financial needs for businesses of all sizes, in all segments. With facility sizes ranging from $50,000 to $500 million, our team of global financial experts can find the right solution for your business.