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Raistone enables the world’s largest enterprise software firms, including SAP, NetSuite, C2FO, Infor and dozens more, to deploy an embedded working capital finance tool for millions of users.

Did you know?

4 million companies submit and receive $6 trillion in invoices annually.

Raistone has native integrations with ERPs, accounting software, e-invoice platforms, payment providers, and Virtual Card issuers. Raistone extracts invoices, invoice approvals, and remittance data from dozens of systems.

Raistone + Mastercard

Raistone has partnered with Mastercard, leveraging virtual card payments to speed up working capital disbursements for businesses.


Our partnership simplifies business-to-business finance payments and accelerates access to capital for small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMBs). At Raistone, we are constantly innovating, equalizing access to working capital and offering businesses of all sizes access to their money, on their terms.

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Technology Platforms

Integration Examples

Raistone technology can be embedded within the platforms companies already use, offering clients receivables finance and allowing suppliers to be paid in advance of an invoice due date.


There are 25,000 clients using NetSuite with $1 trillion in invoices annually. Raistone is 100% embedded into the NetSuite user experience with real-time integration. Raistone’s integration was demonstrated during the Product Keynote at SuiteWorld.

SAP Supplier Financing

There are 1 million clients using SAP Supplier Financing with $1.7 trillion in invoices annually. Raistone is embedded at point of sale where clients interact within the invoiceXcel platform, providing the benefit of real-time creation of pre-qualified offers, as well as automated data extraction.

Ready to earn a new revenue stream by partnering with Raistone?

Raistone enables partners to immediately offer their customers innovative working capital finance solutions. Additionally, by teaming with Raistone, your firm can earn a rebate for each new referral where Raistone provides financing.


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Become a referral partner with Raistone

Earn money, assist your clients, and create a sustainable new, ongoing revenue stream by referring deals to Raistone. If your clients or business partners require funding, Raistone can help.


At Raistone, we help businesses access untapped sources of income, allowing them to prosper and grow. Discover how you can have happier clients while generating new income as a Raistone referral partner.

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