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Supply Chain Finance

Stabilize your supply chain: A flexible payment solution for corporate buyers. With Supply Chain Finance, your company can maintain or extend payment terms to control your cash flow, all while unlocking lower-cost access to working capital for your suppliers.


Flexible payment terms

How Supply Chain Finance works

Your company can preserve or extend negotiated payment terms, while your suppliers have the comfort of knowing they have the option to be paid on invoice approval.

Example: Supplier with 45-day payment terms extended to 60 days with option to be paid early
Day 1: Invoice Submitted

Invoice created for $100,000

Your business receives an invoice

Your supplier submits an invoice for $100,000 to you for goods or services rendered. Your company approves payment with Raistone. By using Supply Chain Finance, your company is able to extend payment terms while your supplier has the option to be paid much earlier than before.

Day 5: Supplier is Paid Early

Raistone advances payment to supplier

Your supplier gets paid weeks earlier

Raistone pays your supplier for the approved invoice, less a small discount fee. The supplier receives this payment 40 days earlier than before your company started using Supply Chain Finance.

Day 60: Buyer Pays Invoice Later

Increased DPO with later payment

Your company benefits with extended payment terms

Instead of paying at day 45, as you did previously, your company now pays at day 60, improving your days payable outstanding (DPO) by 15 days. And because your supplier has opted in to early payment, they have also seen their days sales outstanding (DSO) shorten by 40 days. Your company retains more cash on their balance sheet to spend how you choose, while your supplier is no longer waiting to be paid.

Day 1: Invoice Submitted
Day 5: Supplier is Paid Early
Day 60: Buyer Pays Invoice Later

Raistone helps companies maintain or extend payment terms.

With Raistone, businesses can improve their cash position, allowing them to grow their business, take on new clients and reduce risk, all without taking on debt.

Benefits of Supply Chain Finance

Stabilize your supply chain. Ensure solid liquidity across the supply chain, and enable your suppliers to unlock a lower cost of financing.

Flexible terms give you better control of your cashflow, and provide more financing options for your suppliers.

Onboarding can occur in days versus weeks or more for bank-only programs, thanks to use of non-bank capital.

Raistone covers more of the credit spectrum by leveraging multi-investor (bank and non-bank) capital.

Large corporates can use either their own capital, existing programs like Dynamic Discounting, or Raistone’s curated marketplace. However your company needs to optimize its flow, Raistone can help.

Complements bank supply chain finance solutions that cannot expand to all desired suppliers due to onerous supplier on-boarding processes and jurisdictional limitations.

Imagine what your company
could do with Raistone

Grow your business, without taking on debt or raising equity. Work with more clients and accept larger orders. Reduce risk and keep your business resilient against supply chain disruptions. Maintain or extend payment terms without impacting your supply chain. Raistone helps companies get control of their cash position so they can focus on what they do best.

Value to your supply chain

  • Lower-cost financing: Small/mid-size suppliers often pay higher interest rates on loans.

  • Improved Days Sales Outstanding (DSO): Suppliers get paid as quickly as one day for invoices due at a later date.

  • Larger facility sizes: Due to credit strength of buyers.

  • Non-debt working capital: Which coexists and complements other early pay or lending facilities.

  • Facilitates additional sales: Enables suppliers to accept flexible payment terms and larger orders.

  • Optional to use: Whenever needed.

Ready to gain flexible payment terms with Raistone? Let’s get started.

There is a need for businesses to improve working capital through increasing days payable outstanding. Yet, in the current economic environment, many suppliers find it difficult to wait 45, 60, or 90+ days to be paid on invoices when they need working capital to fulfill new orders.


Raistone is a world-leading fintech that helps corporates improve days payable outstanding without putting financial strain on their suppliers. Get in touch to learn more.

Learn more in our whitepaper

In this whitepaper, Raistone details how there is as much as $4 trillion worth of invoices outstanding on any given day in the U.S., as businesses frequently wait as long as 180 days for payment.

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