Term Flexibility

Solutions for Buyers

With Raistone, your business can maintain or extend payment terms without disrupting your suppliers. Learn more about our solutions and how they can help you gain better control of your cash flow.

Our solutions for buyers and corporates

Supply Chain Finance
Stabilize your supply chain
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Maintain or extend payment terms to control your cash flow, all while unlocking lower-cost access to working capital for your suppliers.

Flex Pay
Flex your terms with no effect on your suppliers
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Flexible payment schedules for your business, while still ensuring your suppliers continue to get paid on their current terms.

Virtual Cards
Gain flexible payment terms and pay your suppliers faster
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Virtual Cards offer your business the ability to extend your days payable outstanding while your suppliers get paid faster.

Dynamic Discounting
Improve costs while supporting suppliers
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Flexible solution to drive cost savings and earn risk-free returns on your available cash, while supporting your supply chain.

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There is a need for businesses to improve working capital through increasing days payable outstanding. Yet, in the current economic environment, many suppliers find it difficult to wait 45, 60, or 90+ days to be paid on invoices when they need working capital to fulfill new orders.


Raistone is a world-leading fintech that helps corporates improve days payable outstanding without putting financial strain on their suppliers. Get in touch to learn more.