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Tap into an exciting new financial opportunity: Earn recurring revenue by becoming a Raistone referral partner, bolstering your company’s bottom line.

Raistone is here to help you — and
your customers

Earn money, assist your clients, and create a sustainable new, ongoing revenue stream by referring deals to Raistone. If your clients or business partners require funding, Raistone can help. And you’ll benefit too, earning money for each deal that Raistone successfully funds.


At Raistone, we help businesses access untapped sources of income, allowing them to prosper and grow. Connect with our team of financial experts to learn how you can have happier clients while generating new income.

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Why become a Raistone referral partner?

White glove treatment via our fintech platform

Each referral is assigned a dedicated Raistone customer support member to answer all questions and guide the customer through the onboading and underwriting process. Since Raistone is already integrated with leading ERPs, accounting platforms, invoicing platforms, and banks, you can rest assured your customer will have a fast and easy onboarding process with Raistone.

Highest conversion rates for valued partners

Raistone delivers billions of dollars of working capital to businesses of all sizes. Our platform utilizes data analysis, machine learning and risk assessment to calculate its real time, comprehensive RaiScore®. The RaiScore® helps our investors to make immediate assessment of deals, translating to Raistone having some of the industry’s highest conversion rates for referrals.

Addressing the diverse needs of your clients

Raistone is a world-leading fintech, backed by equity investments from a $30-billion-plus family office, a $900 billion wealth manager, an international bank, and a FINRA-registered broker-dealer. We help extend financing to companies of all sizes, meaning whatever your client needs, Raistone has a solution that can work for them. Retain your current clients and win more business by partnering with Raistone.

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By partnering with Raistone, your firm can earn money for each new referral where Raistone provides financing. Tell us a little more about yourself and your business, and someone from our team of financial experts will be in touch.