A New Asset Class

Opportunities for Investors

Invest in working capital financial assets and corporate debt with Raistone. Data analysis, machine learning, risk assessment and our proprietary RaiScore® connect to form a curated marketplace that opens up new opportunities for investors.

An attractive asset class for
institutional participants

A unique opportunity to invest in corporate debt

Working capital finance assets offer investors access to the highly sought after corporate debt markets, with a risk-adjusted return superior to holding corporate bonds to maturity. Trade finance assets are also self-liquidating and uncommitted, with a typical return on investment in as little as 30 to 90 days.


Equalizing access to a proven market

The International Chamber of Commerce’s 2021 Trade Register Report states that trade finance products present low credit risk, with exposure-weighted default rates of just 0.18% in 2020. With Raistone, investors are given unparalleled access to this market, which enables them to diversify their portfolios and tap into new opportunities.



A comprehensive rating based on real-time data, RaiScore® provides investors with an immediate assessment of trade finance deals. With RaiScore®, Raistone partners can intelligently evaluate individual trade assets, empowering them to make better, smarter and faster decisions with their money.

Raistone investors

Raistone actively originates and services structured trade finance transactions, selling the originated assets to banks and non-bank institutional investors. Some of our investors include:

Why invest with Raistone?

Uncommitted: Participant may stop purchasing new assets at any time.

Short tenor: Self-liquidating over defined 30 to 180 days revolving payment cycles.

No mark-to-market risk: No risk of capital depreciation during spread widening events.

Negligible interest rate risk: Floating rate self-liquidating investments with low duration risk.

Low credit risk: Exposure limited to defined payment cycle tenor.

Uncorrelated: Trade finance exhibits low or negative correlation with other asset classes such as equities or bonds.

High priority of payments: While rent/loan payments can be deferred, payments to suppliers are vital for continued operations and are typically made by asset-holding OpCos.

Accurate and verifiable historical trade payment data: Data available to evidence on-time historical payment history for each credit.

Ready to diversify your investments into working capital financial assets?

Raistone was born with the vision of equalizing access to working capital and meeting the demand for structured finance on a global scale. A world leading fintech collaboratively owned by a full-service broker dealer, a $30-billion-plus family office, a $900 billion wealth manager, an international bank, and a FINRA-registered broker-dealer, Raistone enables the financing of billions of dollars in transactions every year.


Tell us a little more about yourself and your investment needs, and someone from our team will be in touch to help you get started with working capital financial assets.