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Virtual Cards

A Virtual Card, or vCard, offers your business speed, flexibility and security receiving payments. With a vCard, your company can get paid for invoices due to you at a later date as quickly as the day you submit the invoice, helping you scale and grow with more cash on hand.

Why choose a vCard?

When you accelerate payment of an invoice with Raistone, you have the option to get paid even faster with a vCard. It is a unique single-use card that’s generated in a digital format, providing a secure, easy-to-use way to receive payments quickly and safely. It offers fast and easy payments with all the convenience of accepting card payments.

Get paid even faster

Example: Supplier with a $10,000 invoice payable in 60 days.


Supplier submits $10,000 invoice


Raistone issues $10,000 Virtual Card to supplier

DAY 60

Buyer pays $10,000 as directed by supplier

What is a vCard?

A virtual card (vCard) is a unique card number that’s generated in a digital format, providing a secure, easy-to-use way to receive payments quickly and safely.

 How does it work?

If you elect to be paid by vCard on eligible offered invoices*, you will receive an email with your virtual card number and instructions on how to process the card. You process this card in the same way you would process any other credit card payment that you might receive from your customers.

 *Contingent upon the outcome of Raistone’s full underwriting

What are the advance rates with vCards?

A great feature of the vCard is that Raistone typically provides clients with a 100% advance rate on eligible invoices that they request to finance1.

 1 Contingent upon the outcome of Raistone’s full underwriting

How much will be deposited on my vCard?

The amount deposited on your vCard will typically be 100% of the face value of your invoice. If we purchase less than 100% of the face value of your invoice, the balance, less fees and any amount due Raistone is deposited onto your vCard. All fees and the discount rate are shown prior to confirmation.

How quickly can I expect to be paid?

A vCard is processed as quickly as any card transaction. After you process the vCard, the funds are typically deposited into your account in one to three business days.

What is the cost of using Virtual Cards from Raistone?

Raistone vCards are part of a U.S. commercial card program. The cost to process the card is based on what you have agreed with your acquirer or processor. If you are unsure, you can ask your acquirer or processor for the cost of accepting this card.

Will I receive one card or many cards for each invoice?

 You will receive a unique vCard for each of your invoices that you finance with Raistone. 

Would a Raistone vCard enable me to accelerate an invoice even before my customer has approved the invoice?

Yes, vCards provide customers with the flexibility to get paid earlier in the invoice process. Users can often accelerate invoices even before their customers have approved the invoices*.

*Contingent upon the outcome of Raistone’s full underwriting

Can I use the card multiple times?

vCard from Raistone uses fraud mitigation controls and sets the single transaction limit to the exact dollar amount of the card value. If you try to process the card for a different amount the transaction would not be approved.

What happens if I don’t use my vCard?

You have up to 3 business days to use a Virtual Card from Raistone. If you don’t use it within 3 business days, a fee will be charged to you. The fee is outlined in your pricing letter. Virtual Card from Raistone is a quick and convenient way to get paid faster on your invoices, so you are encouraged to use the card as soon as you receive it.

Is repayment of the invoice by my customer any different than traditional receivable financing?

Your customer’s ultimate payment of the invoice would occur in the exact same fashion as traditional receivable financing. Like in receivable finance, your customer would pay into a collection account.

I have another question that isn’t answered here.

Please get in touch with Raistone’s global team of financial experts. We’d be happy to answer any other questions you might have! We can be reached at or 888.626.6593

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