Solutions for Buyers

Virtual Cards

Support your supply chain by paying your suppliers with Virtual Cards from Raistone. By offering a Virtual Card, or vCard, your business can collect a rebate and enjoy flexible repayment terms, keeping more cash on hand to use as needed — without taking on debt.

What are Virtual Cards for Buyers?

Companies can access flexible payment terms while also paying their suppliers early with Virtual Cards. By offering Virtual Cards to your suppliers, you can ensure there are no disruptions while also keeping more cash on your company’s balance sheet. Plus, qualified companies can be eligible for a rebate by offering vCard.

Extend your Days Payable Outstanding with Virtual Cards

Example: Pay your suppliers on time without service interruptions with vCard.


Your supplier submits an invoice


Raistone issues Virtual Card to your supplier for the full amount owed

DAY 90

Your company gains flexible repayment terms, extended from 60 to 90 days, and you collect a rebate by paying your supplier with a convenient Virtual Card

Benefits of Virtual Cards for Buyers from Raistone

Keep more cash on your company’s balance sheet and access flexible payment terms without hurting your supply chain.


Pay at maturity model enables buyers to get rid of cumbersome statement cycle matching for large programs, all without any process changes.

Access more float or credit than many bank programs, offering up to 90 days to pay for card transactions.

Support your supply chain with secure, single-use Virtual Cards to accelerate payment.

Easy and convenient, with no need to manage the risk of multiple card accounts, or physical plastic cards being used and reused across your organization.

Non-debt working capital that co-exists with and complements other lending facilities.

Ready to benefit your balance sheet with Virtual Cards? Let’s get started.

Raistone is on the forefront of providing equitable access to capital and addressing financial needs for businesses of all sizes, in all segments. With facility sizes ranging from $50,000 to $500 million, our team of global financial experts can find the right solution for your business.


Tell us a little more about yourself and your business, and someone from our team of financial experts will be in touch to help you extend your payment terms and support your supply chain with vCard.