Achieve your working capital goals

Manage your cash flow

Raistone finances billions of dollars in working capital annually within the freight and transportation industry. Our powerful suite of fintech products benefit owner-operators, trucking service providers, delivery companies, freight brokers and more. 


Benefits of working capital solutions

Accelerated Payments
Faster cash

Non-debt working capital: It is not debt that will accrue interest and require repayment over months or years.

Improved Days Sales Outstanding (DSO): Drivers get paid in as quickly as 1 day for invoices due at a later date.

No process changes: No customer involvement needed with our solution that is easy to use, integrated, and automated.

Compatibility: Our solution co-exists with and complements other lending facilities.

Facilitates additional sales: Easily meet all orders on hand as you will have the cash on hand for sizeable inventory purchases, new equipment or new hires.

Cash Flow Management
Term flexibility

Strengthen supply chain: Ensure solid liquidity across the supply chain.

Flexible AP terms: When you provide more financing options for your drivers, you have greater flexibility with payment terms and can improve your Days Payable Outstanding (DPO).

Stabilize pricing: Helping your drivers gain access to lower cost financing creates more stable, competitive supplier pricing.

Complementary to existing programs: Including SCF & Dynamic Discounting.

Positive PR: Support your ecosystem partners with prompt payments.

See how working capital finance can work for your business

With powerful financial tools from Raistone, businesses of all sizes can benefit. Accelerated payments empower companies to get paid faster, while cash flow management allows companies to maintain or extend payment terms without impacting their customers. Here’s how they both work:

Day 1

Driver requests early payment

Day 5

With Raistone, driver gets paid 60 days early

Day 65

Driver’s client pays invoice on normal due date

Day 1

Driver requests payment from freight company

Day 5

Driver is paid 40 days early

Day 45

With Raistone, freight company’s payment terms are extended

Day 60

Freight company pays 15 days later than before

Our partners

Raistone enables the world’s largest enterprise software firms, including SAP, NetSuite, and dozens more, to deploy an embedded working capital finance tool for millions of users.

Get in touch with our team of freight finance experts

At Raistone, we specialize in providing non-bank, non-debt capital to truck drivers, cargo companies, freight companies, and more  helping them access the cash they need to grow their business.


Contact us to learn more about how Raistone payables and receivables finance offerings for the transportation industry will help your business excel in these turbulent times.


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Solutions for the freight industry

Raistone payables and receivables finance offerings for the freight and transportation industry will help you unlock the cash you need to grow your business.

What kind of solutions does Raistone offer the freight supply chain?

Working capital products from Raistone address all aspects of the freight supply chain, including truck drivers, shipping companies, trucking service providers, transportation and logistics companies, and more. Our solutions include early payment of invoices, traditional supply chain finance programs, secure and efficient vCard solutions, deferred purchase finance facilities, and much more.

How long will it take to get set up?

Raistone programs are up and running within a matter of weeks.

Which invoices will be included in receivable finance?

You may choose which invoices are included, or automatically get advance payment on all receivables.

Will the way I submit my invoices change?

No, your process will stay the same.

Is this a loan program?

No, receivables finance is not a loan.

How do I enroll or obtain additional information?

Enroll your company by filling out the form above, and a member of our team will be in touch. If you have further questions, please contact Someone from of our team of freight finance experts would be happy to help.