Raistone solutions for banks

Grow your wallet share with clients

We know that solving your clients’ needs is your priority, but sometimes there are unique challenges around funding and capacity. By partnering with Raistone your firm can immediately offer non-debt, complementary working capital finance products to your clients, helping them to grow and meet their goals while providing you with a new source of recurring revenue.


Raistone products help clients optimize their
working capital

Supply Chain Finance
A company agrees to pay approved invoices at a later date, while their suppliers are paid more quickly.
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Enabling firms to extend their payables. Buyers pay later, Suppliers receive payment earlier at a discount.

Accounts Receivable Finance
A business accelerates payment on an invoice due later and is paid at up to 100% advance rate.
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Enabling firms to accelerate payment on their receivables. Buyer payments unchanged, Suppliers are paid earlier at a discount.

Flex Pay
A business extends payment terms with no effect on their suppliers, giving companies better control of their balance sheet.
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Buyers pay later, Suppliers receive payment in full on the original due date.

Float-Based Virtual Cards
A company gains flexible payment terms while also paying their suppliers early in a safe, secure and convenient manner.
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Buyers pay later, Suppliers receive payment in full on the original due date.

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Every company is waiting to get paid. Since Covid, Raistone has increasingly seen trade terms of 180+ days. Your clients are looking for new ways to optimize their cash conversion cycle and address this trend.


Raistone products such as supply chain finance and accounts receivable finance enable mid-market companies to access trade finance products that were previously only available to large corporates.


Raistone products are complementary to bank products and help your bank to grow wallet share.


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Increase your wallet share, without increasing your exposure

Partnering with Raistone enables your bank to offer complementary working capital finance products to your customers providing the following benefits

By working with Raistone your firm can offer non-debt complementary working capital finance products to clients

A new revenue line, without taking financial or regulatory risks.

Grow deposits as clients optimize their cash conversion cycle.

Improve NPS: Raistone has a demonstrated a 75+ increase in NPS scores.  Happier customers means higher retention rates.

Modern web-based enrollment process. Applying is fast and easy for your clients.  The online application can easily be white-labeled for your bank.

High adoption rates: Raistone ‘s access to institutional capital has resulted in acceptance rates over 25% higher when compared to traditional loan programs

What Raistone does and how our solutions work

Through partnering with Raistone, your customers will gain access to solutions that address both sides of the balance sheet.

Day 1

Invoice created at $100,000

Day 5

Customer paid $100,000 minus a discount

Day 30

Original due date

Day 60

New payment date. Company pay $100,000

Day 1

Invoice created at $100,000

Day 10

Your client is paid $100,00 by Raistone, minus a small discount

Day 60

Your client’s customer pays $100,000 on invoice due date

Who is Raistone?

Raistone was born with the vision of equalizing access to working capital. As a world leading fintech, Raistone enables the financing of billions of dollars in transactions every year.


Our best-in-class technology coupled with unparalleled access to institutional capital allows us to extend financing to companies of all sizes. Raistone offers trade finance solutions with premier strategic partners such as  SAP, Oracle, Mastercard and Coupa.

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