Raistone Solutions for Portfolio Companies

Working capital for private equity

In alignment with sponsors, Raistone provides non-restrictive working capital and supplier finance solutions for individual portfolio companies to enhance value creation strategies, increase collateral coverage, optimize cash flow and ensure financial efficiency.


More flexibility. More coverage. More value.


Advantages for private equity

Non-debt structure with advance rates up to 100%

Sub investment grade coverage to B-

No minimum usage, commitment, early payment fees or long term contracts

No tenor, concentration or size limits

Fast and easy implementation

Tech driven platform with automated processes and leading ERP integrations

Enhancing Value for Private Equity Portfolio Companies

Capital access off balance sheet

Programs are non debt and do not impact debt metrics or existing debt covenants.

Higher levels of asset coverage

With advance rates up to 100% and non-restrictive structures, Raistone ensures more asset coverage, more liquidity and less invested capital tied up on the balance sheet.

Complements other capital sources

Seamless integration into the capital stack to provide coverage for collateral that falls outside of ABL, mezzanine or unitranche facilities.

Flexibility without minimum commitment fees

Raistone ensures capital is available when it is needed throughout the lifespan of an investment and doesn’t penalize or force usage when it isn’t.

Multiple solutions to optimize cash flow

Flexible structures align buyers and sellers to improve cash conversion for all parties, strengthen supply chains and protect against interruptions.

Award-winning tech driven platform

Best in class technology increases efficiency, decreases operational cost and provides real time visibility.

We greatly appreciate working with private equity sponsors as they bring a sense of urgency and a results-oriented mindset to maximizing the returns of their portfolio companies which allows us to do what we do best, create value with innovative working capital solutions.” – Dave Skirzenski, Raistone CEO and Founder

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Raistone’s working capital optimization strategies improve the financial health of portfolio companies and facilitate sponsor led value creation efforts without additional debt or dilutive equity


Raistone ensures less capital tied up in non-productive assets and more is available to redeploy into initiatives that improve metrics, increase enterprise value and enhance stakeholder returns.


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Release more capital and generate more value per invested dollar


  • Increase distributions to LPs, improve DPI, lessen J-curve in early investments


  • Deleverage, retire buyout debt, decrease WACC, improve debt ratios


  • Improve ROIC and other metrics for incrementally higher exit multiples, improve MOIC


  • Fine tune working capital metrics and extract cash in preparation for asset sales


  • Stretch terms beyond the standard 120 – 150 day limit to optimize liquidity and decrease invested capital

Raistone by the numbers


of financing per quarter on average


buyers and sellers currently on platform with revenues from $3M to $15B


facility size range


network of institutional placement agents in addition to capitve vehicles

“By using accounts receivable finance and supply chain finance with Raistone, our company was able to unlock $296 million from our balance sheet without incurring any incremental debt.”
“We would have no company without institutional funding, which is provided by Raistone. To say that it is literally oxygen to us wouldn’t be an understatement. You can’t live without oxygen.”
Howard Makler CEO of Innovation Refunds
“Thanks to Raistone, over 400 of our subcontractors have more cash on hand, which allows our company to submit more competitive bids and win more jobs.”
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Next steps

Collaborate with sponsor to determine targets and analyze portfolio company data and contracts.

Provide and review working capital analysis and term sheet(s) to sponsor. Collaborate, consider and incorporate feedback.

Upon term sheet execution, typical process is 30 days to first funding.

Awards and recognitions

Fintech Futures Recognizes Raistone for “Best Use of Tech in Business Payments”
Raistone has been shortlisted for the PayTech Awards USA in the category “Best Use of Tech in Business Payments” for its proprietary cloud-based receivables and supply chain finance platform that offer a range of products embedded within existing business platforms, permitting quicker payments and operational ease.
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Raistone Again Named ABF Journal’s “Most Innovative Company”
For the third year straight, Raistone has been named one of ABF Journal’s “Most Innovative Companies,” recognizing our continued success within the specialty finance industry, particularly in expanding the reach of our services to new clients and platforms.
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Global Trade Review Again Recognizes Raistone as Leader in Supply Chain Finance
The GTR Leaders in Trade awards highlight excellence in the trade, commodity, supply chain and export finance and fintech markets.
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Raistone Global Head of Capital Markets, Qing Fan, recognized as one of the “Top Women in Asset-Based Lending” by ABF Journal
Raistone is proud to share that Qing Fan was named one of the “Top Women in Asset-Based Lending” in ABF Journal’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Issue.
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Raistone Named “Best Fintech Platform for Businesses” by PAN Finance
Raistone is honored to be named Best Fintech Platform for Business by PAN Finance. 
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Raistone Named “Best Trade Finance Provider — Non-Bank” by Global Finance Magazine
Raistone is proud to have been selected as the “Best Trade Finance Provider — Non-Bank” by Global Finance Magazine.
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Raistone Honored as SAP Pinnacle Awards 2022 Finalist 
The SAP Pinnacle Awards showcase top-performing partners who have excelled in helping customers become best-run businesses. The distinction places Raistone among just 30 companies selected from more than 20,000 accredited partners in the broader SAP ecosystem.
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Raistone Named ABF Journal’s “Most Innovative Company”
For the last two years in a row, Raistone has been named one of ABF Journal’s “Most Innovative Companies.”
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Raistone Selected as Top Supply Chain Finance Provider by Global Trade Review
The Leaders in Trade awards from Global Trade Review highlight excellence in the trade, commodity, supply chain and export finance and fintech markets. Raistone was shortlisted for the “best alternative trade or supply chain finance provider” in the GTR Leaders in Trade awards.
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Raistone & Mastercard Named ‘Best Fintech Partnership’ Finalists in 2022 Finovate Awards 
Raistone is proud to have been selected as a finalist for “Best Fintech Partnership” in the 2022 Finovate Awards, recognizing its partnership with Mastercard that accelerates working capital payments to businesses of all sizes, but particularly women- and minority-owned business enterprises (WMBEs).
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