May 7, 2024 | Raistone

Raistone CEO Dave Skirzenski Named a PayTech Leader in the 2024 PayTech Awards

For the second year straight, Raistone Chief Executive Dave Skirzenski has been recognized as a fintech leader by the PayTech Awards.

The PayTech Awards from Fintech Futures honor innovation and success in the rapidly expanding financial technology market. 

For over two decades, Dave Skirzenski has remained unwavering in his commitment to empowering businesses by creating innovative approaches to access much-needed capital. Skirzenski has played a pivotal role in pioneering and advancing various financial innovations. 

Since Raistone’s founding in 2017, Skirzenski’s dedication to hiring experienced individuals with a spirit of innovation has created a positive company culture focused on finding new ways to help equalize access to capital. 

With Skirzenski’s unique vision and talented leadership team, Raistone helps businesses overcome traditional banking challenges and diversify their cash flow with its non-debt financial solutions. 

Through the implementation of strategies led by Skirzenski, Raistone has continued to maintain a steady annual growth rate of 2x year-over-year since its establishment in 2017. 

This success has resulted in the provision of nearly $10 billion in financing to businesses, contributing significantly to their long-term success and operational sustainability.

Skirzenski was also recently named a Visionary CEO in 2024 Banking Tech Awards USA

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