Case Study:

Shamrock Electric Co., Inc.

Shamrock Electric Co., Inc. was searching for a straightforward and reliable financing provider. Discover how Raistone helped this contractor get paid faster and take on more projects.

How Raistone helped this construction firm take on bigger projects

After years of only using standard commercial banks, Kevin O’Shea, CEO at Shamrock Electric Co., Inc., a commercial, residential, and industrial electrical contractor, was looking for an alternative finance provider to fund the large projects his team took on.

“When our bank began to stop funding us, we were at the point where we couldn’t take on any more large projects without first finding financing,” said Kevin.

Shamrock Electric Co., Inc. needed to quickly find a robust financing solution to get back to the line of credit size it had in the past.

“When I found Raistone, I was shocked at how straightforward and easy the entire process was. I couldn’t sign the term sheet fast enough,” shared Kevin.

By working with Raistone, increased access to working capital has allowed Shamrock to take on multiple jobs totaling over $15 million and pursue a 40 story building worth $15 million on its own.

“Raistone is my go-to financier. I haven’t found it necessary to look for any back-up financing because Raistone’s process is so seamless,” said Kevin. “The team has even helped me get paid as quickly as one day after the invoice has been submitted.”

Key benefits of working with Raistone:

Non-debt working capital: Our solution is not debt to Shamrock Electric Co., Inc. It simply accelerates payment on an asset, which coexists and complements other early pay or lending facilities.

A world-leading fintech: Raistone is owned by a full-service broker dealer, a $30 billion family office, a $900 billion wealth manager, and an international bank.

Billions of dollars in financial transactions enabled by Raistone every year, with facility sizes ranging from $50K to $500M.

Flexible options. Raistone solutions are optional to use and carry no commitment. Businesses can choose to accelerate none, one or all of their invoices.

“Without Raistone backing Shamrock, I would not have the confidence to pursue the growth goals we have set.”
Kevin O’Shea CEO at Shamrock Electric Co., Inc.

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