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Supply Chain Finance from Raistone provides buyers with financing solutions that are more robust, flexible and versatile than Drip Capital and other competitors. With Raistone, businesses can improve their cash position, allowing them to grow their business, take on new clients and reduce risk, all without taking on debt.


Ready to gain flexible payment terms with Raistone?

With Supply Chain Finance from Raistone, you can expand your financing capacity, decrease the cost of goods sold, reduce risk, and avoid disruptions, all without taking on any debt.


Raistone is a world-leading fintech that helps corporates improve days payable outstanding without putting financial strain on their suppliers. Contact us to learn more.

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See how Supply Chain Finance can work for your business

With powerful financial tools from Raistone, businesses of all sizes can benefit. Supply Chain Finance allows buyers to maintain or extend payment terms without impacting their suppliers. Here’s how it works:

Day 1

Invoice submitted to buyer by supplier

Day 5

Buyer’s supplier is paid 40 days early

Day 45

With Raistone, buyer’s payment terms are extended

Day 60

Buyer pays initial invoice 15 days later than before

Raistone works with the very same platforms and ERPs you already use

Raistone technology is embedded natively within major platforms and ERPs, allowing businesses to access or offer working capital finance solutions without disrupting existing processes and workflow.

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Why choose Raistone over Drip Capital?

Robust capital pool. Raistone has a more robust capital pool to support Supply Chain Finance programs.

Programs with a global reach. Our Supply Chain Finance programs are available globally and can support suppliers in most jurisdictions. Drip Capital has heavy limitations on supplier jurisdictions.

Wide range of program sizes. Raistone can support a wider range of Supply Chain Finance program sizes, ranging from $500k to $550M+. Programs from Drip Capital have a maximum size of $3M.

Strong ownership group. Raistone is backed by a full-service broker dealer, a $30 billion family office, a $900 billion wealth manager, and an international bank. Drip Capital is venture capitalist funded.

Experts agree — Raistone is an innovative industry leader

Global Trade Review Again Recognizes Raistone as Leader in Supply Chain Finance
The GTR Leaders in Trade awards highlight excellence in the trade, commodity, supply chain and export finance and fintech markets.
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Raistone Named “Best Fintech Platform for Businesses” by PAN Finance
Raistone is honored to be named Best Fintech Platform for Business by PAN Finance. 
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Raistone Named “Best Trade Finance Provider — Non-Bank” by Global Finance Magazine
Raistone is proud to have been selected as the “Best Trade Finance Provider — Non-Bank” by Global Finance Magazine.
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Raistone Selected as Top Supply Chain Finance Provider by Global Trade Review
The Leaders in Trade awards from Global Trade Review highlight excellence in the trade, commodity, supply chain and export finance and fintech markets. Raistone was shortlisted for the “best alternative trade or supply chain finance provider” in the GTR Leaders in Trade awards.
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Raistone Honored as SAP Pinnacle Awards 2022 Finalist 
The SAP Pinnacle Awards showcase top-performing partners who have excelled in helping customers become best-run businesses. The distinction places Raistone among just 30 companies selected from more than 20,000 accredited partners in the broader SAP ecosystem.
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Raistone & Mastercard Named ‘Best Fintech Partnership’ Finalists in 2022 Finovate Awards 
Raistone is proud to have been selected as a finalist for “Best Fintech Partnership” in the 2022 Finovate Awards, recognizing its partnership with Mastercard that accelerates working capital payments to businesses of all sizes, but particularly women- and minority-owned business enterprises (WMBEs).
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Raistone Named ABF Journal’s “Most Innovative Company”
For the last two years in a row, Raistone has been named one of ABF Journal’s “Most Innovative Companies.”
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“With Raistone, this company was able to strengthen its supplier relationship and facilitate more new business sales by having more liquidity.”
“By using accounts receivable finance and supply chain finance with Raistone, our company was able to unlock $296 million from our balance sheet without incurring any incremental debt.”
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