February 7, 2023 | Raistone

Raistone Named “Best Trade Finance Provider — Non-Bank” by Global Finance Magazine

Raistone is proud to have been selected as the "Best Trade Finance Provider — Non-Bank" by Global Finance Magazine.

Global Finance Magazine named the recipients of the 23rd annual World’s Best Trade Finance Providers awards. These awards showcase the best trade finance providers who increased innovation through product and service offerings. 

Raistone is honored to be named the “Best Trade Finance Provider — Non-Bank” by Global Finance Magazine for our Virtual Card program, highlighting commitment to providing innovative solutions. 

Raistone announced their partnership with Mastercard in April 2022 to simplify business-to-business finance payments and accelerate access to capital for small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Raistone’s Virtual Card program is deployed directly to SMBs as well as integrated into customer-facing software provided by Raistone’s large enterprise partners. A key advantage to SMBs is rapid sign-up through their existing platforms, enabling businesses to drastically reduce their operational burden and get paid in a matter of days.

“Virtual Cards represent a win-win for buyers and suppliers in the supply chain. Suppliers who accept a Virtual Card payment from Raistone can be paid as early as the day they submit an invoice to their customer. Buyers who offer their suppliers the option of a Raistone Virtual Card payment may be eligible for a rebate in addition to enjoying float-based repayment options which keep more cash on their balance sheet. We at Raistone are honored to be recognized by Global Finance for driving these value-added approaches to B2B payments,” said Dave Skirzenski, Raistone CEO. 

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