December 5, 2022 | Raistone

Meet the Team: Ryan Gallagher 

Meet Ryan Gallagher, Raistone Assistant Vice President. Ryan joined the Raistone team in 2019 and focuses on supporting business looking for a working capital solution.

Ryan works on the Raistone Sales Origination team, primarily focusing on supporting companies that are looking for a working capital solution, such as supply chain financing. 

Ryan began his professional career as a Congressional aide and later went on to work for an attorney who introduced him to Raistone CEO, Dave Skirzenski. Never one to turn down a great opportunity, Ryan joined the Raistone team as the twentieth employee in December 2019. “Joining Raistone was a no-brainer. It’s been great getting to work with so many insightful and ambitious people,” said Ryan.  

Ryan’s interest and passion for the environment started at a young age. He was an Eagle Scout growing up and says that this is where he first found interest in conservation and the environment. 

During the pandemic, Ryan was able to rekindle his interest in the outdoors by spending nearly every weekend hiking. “I think that being outdoors spending time in the mountains is an extraordinary thing I get to do,” said Ryan.

Ryan is a member of the Adirondack Mountain Club, a nonprofit organization based out of the Adirondack Park in New York, whose mission is to protect New York’s wild lands and waters through encouraging outdoor recreation. 

“Enabled by growing energy demands, private investment and government discretionary spending, renewable energy projects are in demand and so are effective solutions for companies to be able to improve their working capital. I’m proud that Raistone offers specialized solutions to these companies to help them fulfill new orders and improve their cash flow,” said Ryan.

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