June 14, 2024 | Raistone

Meet the Team: Kristin Woodruff, Software Specifications Engineer

Leveraging over 20 years of experience in the research and development field, Kristin works to translate technology inefficiencies into robust solutions that effectively meet business needs.

As a Software Specifications Engineer, Kristin and her team focus primarily on the delivery and implementation of enhancements and optimizations to Raistone’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and financing platform. In this capacity, they streamline business operations and help guide the development of products that improve efficiency and productivity for users.

“Having a robust CRM is critical given that many of the departments use this tool on a daily basis to contact prospective clients, close deals, keep track of transactions, and more,” she says. 

In addition to supporting internal efforts, Raistone’s CRM and financing platform help the team ensure that payments to Raistone clients are being fulfilled properly. “The systems we have in place allow us to maintain data and financial integrity for all of our clients and facilitate payments accurately and promptly,” Kristin explains.

After graduating from Saint Mary’s College with a degree in Business Management, Kristin began her career working as a business analyst at AT&T. She worked there for nearly 15 years, gaining a deep understanding of various business functions including product, technology, development, and more. 

Over the years, Kristin’s role morphed into a more technical position, where she worked on the enterprise side of the business and supported initiatives for larger businesses.

“After gaining exposure to the product side of the business at AT&T, I realized I wanted to explore this function more. I always enjoyed seeing where the ideas were formed and the vision behind them,” she says.

Looking to take the next step in her career, Kristin joined the Raistone team in March 2023. 

One of the aspects she appreciates most about working at Raistone is how much everyone values open collaboration, both within her own team and between departments. 

“I love that I’m able to easily communicate and work with people on other teams. I also get to be involved in a variety of projects, allowing me to learn about all aspects of the business,” Kristin shares. “I appreciate that I can really get to know my team members as well. Given that I work closely with them every day, it’s easy to form the connections and relationships needed to have a highly functioning team.”

Outside of work, Kristin enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and staying active with tennis and snowboarding. 

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