Raistone solutions for commercial lawyers

Help your clients while earning money

By referring your client’s deals to Raistone, you can assist your clients and earn money through a sustainable new, ongoing revenue stream. If your client’s businesses require funding, Raistone can help.


Raistone solutions can help your clients optimize
their working capital

Cash Flow Management
A company agrees to pay approved invoices at a later date, while their suppliers are paid more quickly.
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Enabling businesses to extend their payables. Buyers pay later, suppliers receive payment earlier at a discount.

Accelerated Payments
A business accelerates payment on an invoice due later and is paid at up to 100% advance rate.
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Enabling businesses to accelerate payment on their receivables. Buyer payments unchanged, suppliers are paid earlier at a discount.

Raistone works with the very same platforms and ERPs you and your clients already use

Raistone technology is embedded natively within major platforms and ERPs, allowing businesses to access or offer working capital finance solutions without disrupting existing processes and workflow.

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Why become a Raistone referral partner?

White glove treatment via our fintech platform

Each referral is assigned a dedicated Raistone customer support member to answer all questions and guide the customer through the onboading and underwriting process. Since Raistone is already integrated with leading ERPs, accounting platforms, invoicing platforms, and banks, you can rest assured your customer will have a fast and easy onboarding process with Raistone.

Highest conversion rates for valued partners

Raistone delivers billions of dollars of working capital to businesses of all sizes. Our platform utilizes data analysis, machine learning and risk assessment to calculate its real time, comprehensive RaiScore®. The RaiScore® helps our investors to make immediate assessment of deals, translating to Raistone having some of the industry’s highest conversion rates for referrals.

Addressing the diverse needs of your clients

Raistone is a world-leading fintech, backed by equity investments from a $30-billion-plus family office, a $900 billion wealth manager, an international bank, and a FINRA-registered broker-dealer. We help extend financing to companies of all sizes, meaning whatever your client needs, Raistone has a solution that can work for them. Retain your current clients and win more business by partnering with Raistone.

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By partnering with Raistone, your firm can earn money for each new referral where Raistone provides financing.


Raistone products such as supply chain finance and accounts receivable finance enable businesses to access trade finance products that help them manage their cash flow and unlock cash on their balance sheet.


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“By leveraging the financial support from Raistone, we were able to grow the size of our firm by 20x over the last 3-4 years.”
Thomas Michael Managing Member at Kodak Law
“With Raistone, this company was able to strengthen its supplier relationship and facilitate more new business sales by having more liquidity.”
“By utilizing Raistone, our company has been able to grow faster, hire more people, and retain more employees based on being able to pay them in a very timely manner.”
Bennett Coughlan President of SolarFlow
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About Raistone

Raistone was born with the vision of equalizing access to working capital. As a world leading fintech, Raistone enables the financing of billions of dollars in transactions every year.


Our best-in-class technology coupled with unparalleled access to institutional capital allows us to extend financing to companies of all sizes. Raistone offers trade finance solutions with premier strategic partners such as  SAP, Oracle, Mastercard and Coupa.

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Liquidity Solutions for the Legal Industry

At Raistone, we assist law firms and settlement claims service providers with liquidity programs to cover immediate working capital needs, including marketing, staffing, operations, and case expenses.

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