Liquidity solutions for the legal industry

Financing legal services

We assist law firms and settlement claims service providers with liquidity programs to cover immediate working capital needs, including marketing, staffing, operations, and case expenses.


Types of financing

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Helps recovery service providers and settlement administrators to monetize settlement fees and commissions

Structured as non-debt program and suited for multi-year cash collection cycles

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Helps law firms to grow their business by arranging flexible working capital programs

Injects liquidity by shortening cash conversion cycle

Typically structured as off-balance sheet solution with covenant light documentation

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Our programs are funded through a diversified pool of capital including institutional investors, funds, and family offices. Raistone currently funds working capital programs across a wide range of industries at a rate of $1 billion per quarter.


The documentation governing our solutions is typically covenant-light and faster to execute than a comparable solution offered by other finance providers. We provide non-debt working capital, complementing other sources of liquidity, and it is optional to use with no ongoing fees.

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Why work with Raistone

Custom financing programs from $50,000 to $500 million+.

100% advance rates available to maximize liquidity.

Experts in working capital with $1 billion provided per quarter and $0.5 trillion+ in receivable assets purchased.

Covenant light, non-debt structure can implement incumbent capital sources.

Diversified pool of capital investors for capital market access without counter party risk.

No ongoing fees to provide flexibility and ensure liquidity is available when needed and without penalty when you don’t.

How Raistone helped Kodak Law achieve 20X growth

Needing to grow their relationship with a large financial institution, Kodak Law, a collection litigation firm, began working with Raistone to advance their working capital. Raistone helped Kodak Law leverage the value of their receivables and significantly reduce the amount of working capital they required on hand.

“By leveraging the financial support from Raistone, we were able to grow the size of our firm by 20x over the last 3-4 years.”
Thomas Michael Managing Member at Kodak Law
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About Raistone

Raistone was born with the vision of equalizing access to working capital. As a world leading fintech, Raistone enables the financing of billions of dollars in transactions every year. Raistone’s unparalleled access to institutional capital coupled with best-in-class technology allows us to extend financing solutions to legal services providers and law firms of all sizes.


Raistone has the capability to arrange bespoke short- and long-term programs catering to individual requirements as far as structure, payments terms, credit exposure and accounting treatment is concerned.

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