How it works:

Working Capital Program

Raistone helps law firms to grow their business by arranging flexible working capital programs. Learn how our our solutions inject liquidity by shortening cash conversion cycle.

Monetize your law firm’s receivables

How a working capital program works

Enabling law firms to accelerate cash flows from their receivables.

Services Rendered

Invoice submitted

Law firm invoices clients for services rendered

The law firm has a portfolio of mandates or engagements, which create receivables for legal services rendered.



Submitting an invoice is easy, because Raistone technology is integrated with major invoicing and accounting systems, allowing the law firm to continue using the platforms they already use. This law firm simply requests an acceleration of their invoice through their existing ERP and it is quickly processed by Raistone.

Get Paid Early

Raistone advances invoice

Raistone monetizes portfolios of receivables

Instead of waiting, the law firm gets paid for their invoices weeks earlier, minus a small discount. This is money that was already due to them, so it is not a loan or debt. They can now use this freed-up capital however they wish:



  • Grow their business.
  • Case load financing.
  • Marketing, advertising and client acquisition. 
  • Pay staff and contractors.
Payment of Invoices

The law firm’s clients make payments

Payment of invoices on due date

The law firm was already paid earlier, using the money to take on new clients and grow their business. Once the legal work is completed, the law firm’s clients will make payments, which are used to repay outstanding amounts under the Raistone program.



In other words, between the law firm and their clients, it’s business as usual.

Services Rendered
Get Paid Early
Payment of Invoices