How it works:

Post-Settlement Service Monetization

Because of the multi-year cycle to validate claims and collect distributions from the settlement administrator, Service Providers may have an interest in selling its expected commissions to Raistone. Learn how our solutions can help monetize settlement fees and commission immediately.

Monetize your firm’s commissions

How a post-settlement program works

Helping recovery service providers and settlement administrators to monetize settlement fees and commissions.

Claims Filed

Step 1

Claims manager files claim to Settlement Administrator

A Class Member appoints a claims manager as its agent for filing a claim and recovering a distribution from a settled lawsuit. The Claims Manager prepares and then files such claim to the Settlement Administrator.

Get Paid Early

Step 2

Raistone pays Claims Manager earlier

Instead of waiting, the Claims Manager gets paid for their invoices weeks earlier, minus a small discount. This is money that was already due to them, so it is not a loan or debt. They can now use this freed-up capital however they wish:


  • Grow their business.
  • Marketing, advertising and client acquisition. 
  • Pay staff and contractors.
Collection of Distributions

Step 3

Settlement administrator makes a distribution

After approving the claim, the settlement administrator makes a distribution to the class member. A portion of distributions are now used to repay Raistone while the balance will be remitted to the Class Member.

Claims Filed
Get Paid Early
Collection of Distributions