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Raistone technology connects businesses to new sources of capital, helping them achieve their working capital goals

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to your money,
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Powerful financial tools that level the playing field for your organization

on your terms

Maintain or extend your payment terms, retaining cash on your balance sheet while ensuring your suppliers get paid on time


Raistone APIs can be embedded on existing platforms and ERPs, making it easy to offer acceleration of payments to your supply chain without changing their workflow

Faster, fairer

From invoiceXcel to Employee Retention Credits, Raistone helps businesses stop the wait and get paid faster on money owed to them

Leveling the playing field for B2B payments

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Faster, fairer payments

Say goodbye to 30, 60 or 90+ day payment cycles. With Raistone, your business can get paid quickly without taking on debt.

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Stabilize your supply chain

Raistone provides companies with flexible payment terms, allowing you to increase your days payable outstanding while ensuring your supply chain continues to run smoothly.

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Integrated technology

Raistone technology can be embedded within the platforms companies already use, offering clients receivables finance and allowing suppliers to be paid in advance of an invoice due date.

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A new asset class

An advanced trade finance platform, bolstered by our proprietary RaiScore®, offers investors opportunities with a new asset class and unprecedented access to corporate debt markets.

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Finance and technology, on your terms

Financial tools from Raistone help companies keep more cash on their balance sheet, so they can get grow their business, hire more people, buy additional product and much more

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