See how working capital finance can work for your clients

With powerful financial tools from Raistone, businesses of all sizes can benefit. Accounts Receivable Finance empowers suppliers to get accelerated payments, while Supply Chain Finance allows buyers to maintain or extend payment terms without impacting their suppliers. Here’s how they both work:

Day 1

Supplier submits invoice for early payment

Day 5

With Raistone, supplier gets paid 60 days early

Day 65

Supplier’s buyer pays invoice on normal due date

Day 1

Invoice submitted to buyer by supplier

Day 5

Buyer’s supplier is paid 40 days early

Day 45

With Raistone, buyer’s payment terms are extended

Day 60

Buyer pays initial invoice 15 days later than before

I’m interested in

Faster cash
Solutions for Suppliers

Lower cost financing: Small/mid size suppliers often pay higher interest rates on loans.

Improved Days Sales Outstanding (DSO): Suppliers get paid in as quickly as 1 day for invoices due at a later date.

Larger facility sizes: Due to credit strength of buyers.

Non-debt working capital: Which coexists and complements other early pay or lending facilities.

Facilitates additional sales: Enables suppliers to accept longer payment terms and larger orders.

Term flexibility
Solutions for Buyers

Strengthen supply chain: Ensure solid liquidity across the supply chain.

Flexible AP terms: When you provide more financing options for your suppliers, you have greater flexibility with payment terms and can improve your Days Payable Outstanding (DPO).

Stabilize pricing: Helping your suppliers gain access to lower cost financing, drives more stable, competitive supplier pricing.

Complementary to existing programs: Including SCF & Dynamic Discounting.

Positive PR: Support your ecosystem partners with prompt payments.

Raistone works with the very same platforms and ERPs you already use

Raistone technology is embedded natively within major platforms and ERPs, allowing businesses to access or offer advance invoice payment without disrupting existing processes and workflow.