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With accelerated payments from Raistone, companies get paid early on money owed to them, without taking on any debt. Learn how Raistone’s solutions are more versatile, flexible and affordable than a traditional business loan.

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Raistone is an award winning fintech backed by a full-service broker dealer, a $30 billion family office, a $900 billion wealth manager, and an international bank. We help finance billions of dollars in transactions every year to business of all sizes.


Our automated, low-cost, non-debt solution is an easy and affordable way for your business to get paid as quickly as one day, so your business can fund new sales, increase marketing, hire new personnel, or stabilize your cash flow. Get in touch to learn more.


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Raistone vs. traditional business loans

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Traditional Loans
CostLow and transparent pricing for companies of all sizesSMBs often face high interest rates on loans
ScalabilityCan grow quickly with your businessOften have to re-apply for loans as you grow
FlexibilityNo minimums, no contracts, cancel at any time with no penalty feeLittle to no flexibility
Cash FlowNon-debt working capital that co-exists with and complements other lending facilitiesShown as liability on balance sheet

Raistone helps companies get paid faster.

With Raistone, businesses can accelerate payment of money due to them, allowing them to grow their business, take on new clients and reduce risk, all without taking on debt.

How it works

Day 1

Invoice is created and approved

Day 2-3

Raistone advances payment to you

Day 30*

Your customer remits payment to Raistone

*Actual number of days may vary


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