Dynamic Discounting

Your business is a great candidate for Dynamic Discounting. With Raistone, your company can drive cost savings and earn risk-free returns on your available cash, all while supporting the health and resiliency of your supply chain. Someone from our team of financial experts will be in touch!

How it works: Dynamic Discounting

With Dynamic Discounting from Raistone, Suppliers send their invoices to Buyers as they normally would, but have the option to get paid more quickly, and to choose the timeline and pricing best for them. Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

Buyer approves invoice submitted by supplier via ERP

Step 2:

Supplier selects invoice(s) for early payment with Raistone

Step 3:

Raistone updates Buyer ERP with early payment instructions

Step 4:

Buyer pays Supplier discounted invoice at earlier date chosen by Supplier

Stabilize Your Supply Chain

Many suppliers find it difficult to wait 45, 60, or 90+ days to be paid on invoices when they need working capital to fulfill new orders. In this whitepaper, Raistone details how there is as much as $4 trillion worth of invoices outstanding on any given day in the U.S., as businesses frequently wait as long as 180 days for payment.

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