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Boujee LLC

Boujee LLC is a minority-owned design and manufacturing firm in the apparel and merchandising industry, bringing in millions of dollars in revenue every year. Discover how Raistone helped them get paid in a matter of days.

How Boujee grew its apparel business 30x in 3 years with help from Raistone

Led by its denim brand Bleu, the New Jersey-based company sells to major department stores across the U.S., including Boscov’s, Burlington, Ross, and Bealls.

Between buying material, manufacturing apparel, and shipping to retailers, Boujee was waiting six-plus months to get paid, a financial arrangement that company president Tommy Lam called “crippling.” That led him to turn to Raistone in 2021 for his working capital needs.

Raistone was able to provide Boujee with an accounts receivable finance (ARF) facility that allows the company to get paid in a matter of days, on money that previously took months to arrive.

“Because of what Raistone was able to provide us, in the second year of working with them, we actually doubled our sales,” Lam says. “With help from Raistone, my company was able to accelerate at an unbelievable rate.”

Key benefits of working with Raistone:

Non-debt working capital: Our solution is not debt to Boujee. It simply accelerates payment on an asset, which coexists and complements other early pay or lending facilities.

A world-leading fintech: Raistone is owned by a full-service broker dealer, a $30 billion family office, a $900 billion wealth manager, and an international bank.

Billions of dollars in financial transactions enabled by Raistone every year, with facility sizes ranging from $50K to $500M.

Flexible options. Raistone solutions are optional to use and carry no commitment. Businesses can choose to accelerate none, one or all of their invoices.

In fact, projections for this year are a whopping 30 times greater than when Boujee started working with Raistone just three years ago.

Financing with Raistone has empowered Boujee to buy more material, design and manufacture more apparel, and grow their business by shipping product to more clients. The funds also helped Boujee cover its shipment costs, and also pay employee salaries and cover other operating expenses.

With Raistone, Boujee was able to bridge a significant working capital gap between its inflows and outflows. And because advance payments with Raistone are not lending and are not debt, they will not accrue interest and require repayment over months or years.

Lam said he had looked into traditional factoring before, but the red tape involved was too burdensome. With Raistone, he said, the process has been smooth and simple, and enabled Boujee to take Bleu brand denim to new heights.

“Because of what Raistone was able to provide us, in the second year of working with them, we actually doubled our sales.”
Tommy Lam President at Boujee LLC

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