Raistone + Vroozi

Optimize your working capital

Working with embedded finance partners including Vroozi, Raistone enables billions of dollars in financing every year to businesses of all sizes across the U.S.


How mid-size businesses benefit from Raistone’s working capital solutions

Boost your cash position and improve your cash conversion cycle

Ensure your business looks as healthy as it can

Cover one-time or seasonal costs

Such as acquisitions or year-end bonuses

Work with more clients and take on more business

Acquire more inventory, expand, and grow your company

Strengthen your supply chain

Ensure your suppliers are paid promptly

Get up and running quickly

Easy onboarding gets you live in as little as two weeks

Earn additional revenue

Using Virtual Card rebates

Get in touch with our team of financial experts

Amid ongoing economic uncertainty, mid-size businesses require additional solutions to keep their company healthy and growing. Raistone can help.


Raistone solutions enable mid-size companies like yours to maintain more cash for year-end accounting, or seasonal costs like bonuses.


Act now, and put your business into position to start 2023 off with a healthy balance sheet.


Raistone solutions address both sides of the balance sheet

Companies that work with Raistone gain flexible payment terms with their suppliers, and can also advance payment of money due to them at a later date.

Day 1

Invoice created at $100,000

Day 5

Supplier paid $100,000 minus a discount

Day 30

Your company’s original due date

Day 60

New payment date — You pay $100,000

Day 1

Invoice created at $100,000

Day 10

You are paid $100,00 by Raistone, minus a small discount

Day 60

Buyer pays $100,000 on invoice due date

Raistone solutions are not lending and are not debt. They are complementary to traditional loans and lines of credit. Virtually every Fortune 500 company utilizes these financial tools.

Flexible payment solutions

Flex Pay
Flexible payment schedules allow your company to pay suppliers on time, eliminate late payment penalties, and retain more cash.
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Flexible payment schedules for your business, while still ensuring your suppliers continue to get paid on their current terms.

Virtual Cards
By offering a Virtual Card, or vCard, your business can collect a rebate and enjoy flexible repayment terms, keeping more cash on hand to use as needed.
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Virtual Cards offer your business the ability to extend your days payable outstanding while your suppliers get paid faster.

Supply Chain Finance Case Study

A global engineering firm needed to find a way to balance customer AR terms with supplier AP terms to improve their cash conversion.

“With Raistone, this company was able to strengthen its supplier relationship and facilitate more new business sales by having more liquidity.”
Read A Global Engineering Firm’s experience


Raistone + Vroozi

Raistone solutions address both sides of the balance sheet, enabling mid-size companies like Vroozi to maintain more cash for year-end accounting, or seasonal costs like bonuses.


Is this a loan?

No! Raistone and its curated network of investors provide non-debt solutions that arecomplementary to existing lending services from traditional banks.

How quickly can I begin working with Raistone?

Our proprietary technology enables companies to be up and running with our solutions in as little as two weeks.

What does it cost?

Companies that utilize Raistone services pay a small fee to advance payments, or to extend their payment terms. In many cases, these solutions are much more affordable than traditional lending, as Raistone is leveraging the power of the capital markets and offering investors the opportunity to invest in corporate debt, which helps to drive down costs.

How do I get started?

Contact sales@raistone.com or visit raistone.com/vroozi to get in touch with our team of financial experts, who can advise you on which Raistone programs would be beneficial to your business.