September 20, 2022 | Neil Hughes

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What is Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)? Understanding and Optimizing Accounts Receivable for the Health of Your Business
Efficient accounts receivables management is essential for a steady cash flow and financial stability. Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) serves as a key metric in evaluating the performance of your receivables. Use our calculator to determine your business's DSO and learn how Raistone can help
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Raistone CEO Dave Skirzenski Named Top Fintech Leader in Two New Awards
Raistone CEO Dave Skirzenski was recently recognized in the FinTech Breakthrough Awards and the 2024 Banking Tech Awards USA for his vision and leadership in helping to lead Raistone to become a world-leading and award-winning fintech. 
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Raistone Chief Executive Officer Dave Skirzenski Named a Visionary CEO in the 2024 Banking Tech Awards USA
For the second year in a row, Dave Skirzenski has been recognized as a tech leader in the Banking Tech Awards USA.
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