Accounts Receivable Finance

Your business is a great candidate for Accounts Receivable Finance. With Raistone, you can get paid now for invoices that are due in 30, 60 or 90-plus days. Someone from our team of financial experts will be in touch!

Get paid faster and take control of your cash flow

How Accounts Receivable Finance works

With Accounts Receivable Finance from Raistone, your business is paid weeks or months earlier, while your customers’ payment terms stay the same. All without taking on a loan.

Example: Your business invoices customer
with 90-day payment terms
Day 1: Invoice Submitted

Invoice created for $100,000

Your business submits an invoice

Ordinarily, your company is left waiting waits 90+ days to get paid for the goods and services they sell. By using Accounts Receivable Finance with Raistone, they can submit their invoices for early payment for a small discount.



Submitting an invoice is easy, because Raistone technology is integrated with major invoicing and accounting systems, allowing this business to continue using the platforms they already use. This company simply requests an acceleration of their invoice through their existing ERP and it is quickly processed by Raistone.

Day 2: Get Paid Early

Raistone advances invoice

Your company gets paid weeks earlier

Instead of waiting 90 days, your company gets paid for your invoice weeks earlier, minus a small discount. This is money that was already due to you, so it is not a loan or debt. You can now use this capital however you wish:



  • Grow your business, without taking on debt or raising equity, by converting invoices to cash.
  • Work with more clients, accept larger orders, and expand sales reach by accepting longer payment terms.
  • Reduce risk, counteract uncertainty, and keep your business resilient against supply chain disruptions.
Day 90: Buyer Pays Raistone

Your customer pays $100,000 on invoice due date

Customer pays as directed by supplier

Your company was already paid months earlier, using the money to take on new customers. Your company’s customer still pays on day 90 as they always have.



In other words, between you and your customer, it’s business as usual.

Day 1: Invoice Submitted
Day 2: Get Paid Early
Day 90: Buyer Pays Raistone

Unlock the Power of Your Invoices

For the small and medium businesses (SMBs) that are the backbone of the nation’s economy, it is an added stress they do not need and do not deserve. That is why they are turning to innovative ways of unlocking that cash early so it can be put to productive use. In this whitepaper, Raistone financial experts detail how our Accounts Receivable Finance program helps businesses of all sizes, in all sectors.

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