Quartix & Raistone

Supply chain finance for mid-market companies

Together with Raistone, Quartix is offering new cash flow opportunities to mid-market companies, offering unparalleled access to non-debt capital solutions that can enable your business to prosper and grow. Learn more and apply now to get started.


Learn how Quartix and Raistone can improve your company’s cash position

With powerful financial tools from Raistone and Quartix, mid-market companies are able to maintain or extend payment terms without impacting their suppliers. Here’s how supply chain finance works:

Day 1

Your company’s supplier submits an invoice

Day 5

Supplier is paid 40 days early

Day 45

Your company’s payment is no longer due at day 45 — payment terms are extended

Day 90

Your company pays invoice 45 days later than before

Ready to get control of your company’s cash flow?

Supply chain finance enables companies to retain cash on hand for longer periods of time, without adverse effect on their supply chain. By using this established accounting practice, companies are able to improve their financial position so they can hire new personnel, buy more product, expand their business, make acquisitions, and much more. Fill out our application to get in touch with our team and get started with flexible payment terms.

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Together with Raistone, a world-leading fintech, Quartix now offers new financial tools to its clients in the manufacturing and distribution space, enabling them to access cash and support their supply chain amid a turbulent economic environment. By leveraging supply chain finance programs made possible through Raistone and its network of investors, clients using the Quartix trade-finance platform have unparalleled access to non-debt capital solutions that were previously only available to Fortune 1000 giants.

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