April 1, 2024 | Raistone

Meet the Team: Vivian Jackson, Payment Line Manager

As Payment Line Manager, Vivian manages the Accounts Receivable Finance payment processing team within the Operations department.

With over 20 years of experience in the credit and accounting field, Vivian brings an extensive amount of knowledge of business operations, client support, and industry regulations and compliance standards.

She began her career working as a credit manager for a construction company before joining the fintech sector in 2009, where she has remained since. 

“At the first fintech I worked for, I learned a lot about the ins and outs of fintech from the financing side to the collections side of the business,” she shares.

Vivian discovered Raistone through Raistone Chief Technology Officer Mike Walker as they had previously worked together at the same company. “Joining Raistone has been a great journey. I’ve been able to take my experience and help build and implement new processes,” she says.

She enjoys the collaboration and supportive team that Raistone provides. “Working remotely across multiple time-zones, we all collaborate on a daily basis,” she says. “Raistone as a whole is very supportive by giving everyone room to grow, and they care about your work-life balance.”Vivian emphasizes that the support she receives form her team is critical to her success. “We all come from different backgrounds, but when we are working, we all work for the common good and the goals of our department. I can’t succeed without them,” she says.

The payment processing team facilitates financing for Raistone clients and reconciling payments. “Once the onboarding team has onboarded a client, the payment processing team then comes in and takes over the process of generating financing offers and processing funds,” she shares.  “In addition to ensuring our clients receive financing in a timely matter, we also need to stay updated with industry regulations and compliance standards, maintaining the security and integrity of all transactions.”

The Operations department manages Raistone’s operational efficiency across a variety of functions, contributing to the firm’s success and its ability to meet the needs of its clients. 

Operations plays a vital part in helping Raistone’s clients. “The payment processing team specifically needs to always ensure our work is error-free so that Raistone and our clients can continue to be successful,” she says.

Outside of work, Vivian enjoys baking and spending time with her family. She also loves living in New Orleans and attending the many events the city hosts, with her favorite being music festivals.

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