February 15, 2023 | Raistone

Meet the Team: Swinda Salazar-Piquemal, Head of Alliances

Swinda is the Head of Alliances at Raistone, responsible for the Raistone partnership strategy. As Head of Alliances, she explores how Raistone can grow and expand into more industries through strategic partnerships. 

She began her professional career in the technology sector after being told by her mentor to take advantage of things that are inherent to her and to look for industries where she would stand out naturally. “At the time, technology was an industry that didn’t have many women, and it was something I always enjoyed. For a long time, I was typically the only woman in the room,” said Swinda. 

Because of her background, many of the companies she worked for were U.S.-based firms that were looking to expand into Latin America. “I quickly learned how partnerships were key to getting firms to scale into new markets,” shares Swinda.

Swinda joined Raistone in April 2021. “One of the things I liked most about Raistone was not only the promise and the potential of bringing capital into the market, but also to outreach to as many firms as possible that needed capital in an efficient way,” she said.  

Swinda appreciates that Raistone is always looking at how to make things more efficient and innovative using technology. She says, “Everyone at Raistone believes that technology is the path to enhancing the market and industry segments. We’re always asking ourselves — how can we improve and innovate through technology?”

As Head of Alliances, she focuses on strategic partnerships that help the mid-market access the capital that they need.

“Mid-market is the key to growth in most economies, especially in the U.S., and they’re the ones that need the most access to capital, but also the ones that face the most challenges to get it.” — Swinda Salazar-Piquemal, Head of Alliances

The use of technology and data has allowed Raistone to find a way to provide these mid-market businesses with the working capital they need to grow. “We look at the history to assess the relationships that mid-market businesses have with their business partners (buyers and suppliers) and use this to bring capital to these businesses faster and in a more stable way that is sustainable long-term, allowing them to plan for the future,” Swinda shared.

“Through using our platforms and partnerships, we are not only able to help mid-market businesses with their receivables finance, but also with their payables finance and how they can support their suppliers,” Swinda says.

When she is not working to support Raistone’s partners, she enjoys gardening and watching motorsports. Swinda and her husband travel around the world watching auto races that interest them, especially the inaugurations. She also has two dogs that have learned there’s no need to listen to her, she still gives them treats every day. 

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