June 23, 2023 | Raistone

Meet the Team: Schuyler Neuhauser, Alliances Associate

As an Associate on the Raistone Alliances team, Schuyler focuses on recruiting, onboarding and managing Raistone referral partners, specifically within the non-traditional accounts receivable finance space.

Schuyler began his career as an Analyst on the Originations team at a working capital fintech. He joined Raistone in December 2022 after learning about the firm from a past colleague.

He appreciates that Raistone provides him with the opportunity to collaborate with a wide variety of departments. “There’s a clear sense of purpose here, and I enjoy being able to work with different teams and know that everyone is working for the same purpose of fulfilling our mission,” he shares.

As an Alliances Associate, Schuyler onboards and manages referral partners. “After having an initial discussion with the potential partner about who they are and what their goals are, I can determine how Raistone can be most helpful to them.”

After determining how Raistone can best support them and their clients, he works to familiarize the referral partner with Raistone and the firm’s processes and then forms and maintains the relationship. “It’s always great to see when it’s clear that our partners’ needs have been identified, and the proper solutions have been put in process.”

Schuyler, along with the rest of the Alliances team, continuously evaluates what Raistone can do to be a key partner that adds value to referral partners’ businesses. The team also looks at what Raistone can do to help bring success to their clients.

“Our referral partners see Raistone as a trusted partner for helping them and their clients succeed through accelerating payments and opening up new revenue streams,” he shares. “We work with our platform partners to offer embedded solutions that help to reduce the friction for these small and medium sized businesses to get access to money that they’re already owed.”

When Schuyler is not working to support Raistone referral partners, he enjoys hiking and traveling. He is also a history buff and spent time in the nation of Georgia learning to make natural wine in the oldest verified wine tradition. He enjoys introducing the history of this tradition to people and sharing his experiences from his stay there.

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