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Meet the Team: Michelle Tam, Marketing and Communications Specialist

As a Marketing and Communications Specialist, Michelle is responsible for Raistone’s email campaigns, newsletters, and marketing automation integration with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and business tools.

Michelle oversees all email marketing campaigns at Raistone and is responsible for marketing automation efforts, working to educate the firm’s target audiences and increase business efficiency. 

Marketing has naturally been a part of Michelle’s personal and professional journey. She transferred from a community college to University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. 

While earning her degree, Michelle continuously leveraged social media to spotlight her father’s talent for restoring classic American muscle cars, increasing the small business’s social media presence to over 11,000 followers, and ultimately growing the business. 

“Through social media, my father’s auto shop became known for its ability to do the fastest LS swap, a type of engine swap involving placing a modern engine into a classic American muscle car, in the Bay Area. Not only did this allow my father to hone in on his niche, but it also helped me gain marketing experience,” Michelle recalls. 

During the pandemic, Michelle used her extra free time to learn how to crochet and took her hobby a step further by diving into pattern making so that other crochet artists could recreate the clothes she designed. 

“I enjoyed the iterative process of designing, testing, and refining a pattern. It requires a lot of trial and error, but the goal is to learn new ways that make it digestible for the audience, whether that be through the images or writing style. My goal is to continuously improve the pattern, and that is the part I find the most gratifying,” she says. “The same principles apply when it comes to executing our email campaigns at Raistone.”In addition to leading an international group of pattern testers, she executed an organic cross-channel, social media marketing strategy for her crochet business that aided 446.7% year-over-year growth in pattern sales.

From her small business experience, Michelle understands firsthand the importance of access to capital. Not only is she excited to be a part of a company dedicated to innovation and one that provides financing to businesses of all sizes, but she is also proud to be in a role that allows her to constantly learn, provide new ideas, and make improvements across the Raistone marketing team. 

The theme of constant improvement is one she embodies in all facets of her life and is a defining reason as to why she enjoys working at Raistone. During her time at Raistone, she helped facilitate the launch of the company’s new website, newsletters, and an internal communications initiative.

“Our working capital solutions enable businesses of all sizes to grow. On the marketing team, it is part of our role to raise awareness about Raistone solutions, and managing our email campaigns is an avenue where I can help nurture a prospective client’s journey,” Michelle shares.

A piece of advice she would give to any woman starting their professional journey is, “Build and exude confidence by getting to know yourself and your value. Do great work that you are proud of. Listen and learn, but also don’t be afraid to share your ideas. Rather than questioning whether your ideas add value, own the fact that you bring a unique perspective to the table, and that in itself is already a valuable asset to any team’s growth and success.”

When she’s not at work, you can find her training for her next bodybuilding competition, eating out a new restaurant, or cruising her ‘72 Chevelle convertible.

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