December 12, 2023 | Raistone

Meet the Team: Lyuba Nochkina, Product Manager AVP

Lyuba oversees key responsibilities essential to Raistone’s growth and operational efficiency, ensuring seamless project execution and alignment with business requirements.

As a Product Manager, Lyuba’s role involves supervising the development, implementation and delivery of the continued enhancements to Raistone’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. To facilitate the seamless adoption and improvements, she leads the production of essential CRM-related documentation and user guides, conducts training sessions, and supervises UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and smoke testing.

Her commitment to leveraging technology to streamline operations, along with her dedication to empowering users, epitomizes Raistone’s mission of innovation and customer-centric solutions.

Originally from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Lyuba began her career as an Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist working with children on the autism spectrum. She came to the United States in 2016 to continue her studies in psychology as a research scholar at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. She later moved to New York City, where she began working as a manager at a health and wellness company.  

To continue pursuing her passion for technology and management, Lyuba found her calling in product management and soon joined Raistone in June 2022, where she is excited to be a part of the firm’s innovative approach to using technology and solutions that streamline business processes. 

One of the things Lyuba enjoys most about working at Raistone is the collaboration.

“As a Product Manager, I work with multiple departments, and I admire how everyone at Raistone is constantly striving to enhance the solutions and offerings we provide to our clients together.


Raistone has done a great job at creating a low-ego culture filled with true team players who are always ready to support each other and I’m grateful for everyone who has helped me to succeed in my role.”


— Lyuba Nochkina – Raistone Product Manager AVP

In addition to supporting the development and implementation of the firm’s CRM, she also provides support and guidance to Raistone’s CRM users and manages communications on CRM-related issues, from bug reports to enhancement requests. 

During her time at Raistone, Lyuba, together with the R&D team, achieved a significant milestone by launching the company’s inaugural CRM system, marking a pivotal moment in the firm’s technological advancement and operational efficiency. To achieve this goal she took the lead on gathering the business requirements from Raistone’s different departments in order to help address their respective pain points. 

“One of my main goals for all departments was to improve efficiency through increased visibility and reporting capabilities as well as integrating Salesforce-related enhancements for the company’s various projects,” she shares.  

In addition to bringing value to the Raistone’s internal efforts, Lyuba also looks forward to how the CRM and its subsequent enhancements will help process prospective clients, partners and investors more efficiently.  

“Facilitating interdepartmental connection and ensuring that different departments can easily communicate about a prospective client with full visibility into their pipeline is key,” Lyuba says. “Through this increased visibility, the firm can process deals more efficiently and the approach to moving deals from one person to another is more straightforward, with the end goal of being able to service more clients and help more businesses.” 

When she is not working, Lyuba enjoys immersing herself in New York’s vibrant culture in any way she can, whether it’s exploring diverse cuisines, attending concerts, Broadway shows, and sporting events, or just biking around the city. She also enjoys practicing yoga and Pilates.  

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