January 18, 2024 | Raistone

Meet the Team: Kyle VanCourt, Product Marketing Data Associate

Leveraging eight years of experience in the product marketing field, Kyle oversees data analysis and strategizes how to bring Raistone solutions to new markets.

As a Data Associate, Kyle focuses on conducting market research, competitive analysis, and campaign data analysis, introducing Raistone’s working capital solutions to new customers and increasing awareness within existing markets.

After graduating from the University of Colorado Denver with a Bachelor of Science in International Business, he jumped straight into the product marketing field, working as a product marketing analyst for a manufacturing company. 

He later transitioned to a data analysis focused role at a software company, where he discovered his passion for numbers in the context of product marketing. 

“This role was where I realized I’m most successful in a role that is going to allow me to focus on data and conduct research,” he shares.

Kyle worked as a banker throughout college, and has always had an interest in finance. “When I saw the job posting for this role, it seemed like a no-brainer. I have the opportunity to work in the finance industry again, while also continuing to pursue my passion of data analytics within the product marketing field,” he says.

He is the third member of the newly formed Raistone product marketing team, joining shortly after Product Marketing AVP Steven Braid. They are led by Raistone Vice President of Product Marketing Andrew Baxter in the Product department, led by Raistone Chief Product Officer Charlotte Ng. “I’m looking forward to growing the product marketing team and bringing in new perspectives,” Andrew says. “For Kyle’s role, I was specifically looking for someone dedicated to diving into the data and doing market research, and he has extensive experience doing just that.”

As the newest member of product marketing, Kyle is excited to continue to build out processes and be a part of this fast-paced team.

“I’m really looking forward to continuing the work the rest of the team has done as well as being able to expand current campaign data reporting efforts and analyzing what next steps the firm should take based on that data,” he says.

One of the aspects of Raistone that attracted him to join the team is the close communication and collaboration across departments. “I was told many times throughout the interview process how closely everyone works together and is ready to help wherever they can, and now I can definitely say that rings true,” he shares.

Kyle is a big sci-fi fan and outside of work, he frequently hosts Dungeons and Dragons games. He also enjoys board games and cross stitching. 

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