February 14, 2024 | Raistone

Meet the Team: Edgar Donado, Head of Revenue Operations and Onboarding

With an extensive 15-year background in the operations field, Edgar manages all facets of onboarding at Raistone, including implementing strategic initiatives and protocols.

As the Head of Revenue Operations and Onboarding, Edgar manages the day-to-day of the client onboarding process at Raistone. Edgar’s key responsibilities include deal auditing, facility building, and KYC-AML documentation, all to ensure a smooth client onboarding experience. 

Edgar began his career working in billing at Canon Solutions America. He continued to progress through the operations field and eventually landed at Raistone in 2019 as a business analyst. “Being able to join a company that was building something from the ground up was exciting,” Edgar shares. 

One of the aspects he likes most about working at Raistone is not only the growth he has experienced in his role but also the growth of the firm. “Every day here is different and going from a business analyst to my current role as a director while Raistone is also growing has been great to experience,” he says. 

The client onboarding team’s main function is deal auditing, serving as the middle ground between the Raistone Sales team and the transactional system to ensure that all of the details of a deal are in order to best help the client. 

The newly formed Revenue Operations team that Edgar leads is focused on process optimization and getting the deal cycle running smoother and faster. 

“The main goal for my team and I on the RevOps team is to increase the velocity in which Raistone processes a deal and gets a client onboarded, so that we can service even more clients in the future,” he says. “I want businesses of every size to be able to get their capital as fast as possible.”

Edgar takes pride in assisting companies of all sizes with indispensable working capital solutions, facilitating enhanced cash flow management opportunities. 

“My team and I aim to be able to get businesses their capital faster,” Edgar shares. “I have an uncle who owns a small business, and I could always see how his business and cash flow could benefit from faster access to capital.”  

Outside of work, Edgar enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.  

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