May 15, 2024 | Raistone

Meet the Team: Alexa Koppenal, Originations AVP

As Assistant Vice President (AVP) of Originations, Alexa brings Raistone solutions to businesses looking to take control of their working capital.

Alexa helps to onboard and manage Raistone clients, enabling them to improve their cashflow and grow their business with unique non-debt financing opportunities.

“For our clients that are already onboarded and have facilities up and running, I continuously work with them to ensure our solutions are working for them, that they’re happy with Raistone, and I also look for any additional capacity we can provide them,” she shares.

She often works with Marketing to do outreach, and to identify campaigns to run that bring awareness to Raistone and its solutions. Alexa also collaborates with the Alliances team regarding referral partners sending their clients’ businesses to Raistone, and identifying what financial solutions will benefit them. 

“I knew I wanted to work in finance since I was in high school and had an internship at a small accounting firm. I later went on to study finance in college and had several internships before I graduated,” she shares.

After graduating from Mercy University with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance, she began working for ING as a financial analyst focused on corporate banking. 

“I worked with a lot of different products, one of them being working capital solutions. This is where I first gained exposure to Supply Chain Finance and Accounts Receivable Finance,” Alexa says. “Working with businesses to set up these facilities piqued my interest, and I realized I wanted to break into this fast-growing industry.”

After looking for a new role that would give her this opportunity, she joined the Raistone team in April 2023. 

Alexa appreciates that everyone at Raistone makes an effort to get to know one another in a remote environment. “Since I joined the team, everyone has always been very friendly and welcoming, and I know that if I ever have questions or want to learn more about something, someone is always ready to help,” she says.

Alexa’s responsibilities often require her to focus on the construction industry and the unique facility structures often required in that space. 

“A lot of our clients, especially in the construction industry, have seen tremendous success using our double-pronged approach of both an accelerated payments solution and a cash flow management solution,” she shares. 

Along with the rest of the Sales team, Alexa helps to identify non-bank facility structures that support businesses’ unique financial needs. 

“In the construction space specifically, our team is able to create a structure where general contractors can facilitate a better relationship with their subcontractors by allowing them to get paid early,” Alexa explains. 

“On the other side, when working directly with subcontractors to advance their payments, we often will begin talks with their general contractor to implement a cash flow management solution for them that will allow all of their subcontractors to get paid early, helping both parties create a symbiotic relationship.”

When she is not working to support Raistone clients, she enjoys staying active by doing yoga and skiing. She also enjoys cooking and tries to make a new recipe as often as she can.

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