Leveling the playing field for B2B payments

How Early Payments Work

Using SCF can preserve or extend the negotiated payment terms. Suppliers will experience the comfort of knowing they have the option to be paid on invoice approval.
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Accounts Recievable Finance
Example: Supplier with 45-day payment terms being extended to 75-days with the option to be paid early.
Day 1 using Raistone

Invoice Created

Day 5 using Raistone

Supplier Paid $98,083*

  • Issue your invoices as usual
  • Customer experience stays the same, or offer more favorable terms — your choice
  • Raistone approves / pays your invoice quickly
  • When your customer pays, Raistone is reimbursed
  • For a fractional fee you get predictable payments to reduce cash flow pressure
  • For a fractional fee you get predictable payments to reduce cash flow pressure

*Example: of a supplier discount for early payment =(55/360) days accelerated x 100,000 invoice value * 6% per annum discount rate

Day 45 using Raistone

Supplier Get Paid

Day 60 using Raistone

Buyer Pays

  • Issue Company pays at day 60
  • Customer Raistone Allocates Cash
Day 1 Invoice Created
Day 5 Supplier Paid
Day 45 Supplier Get Paid
Day 60 Buyers Pay

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Faster Cash
Supplier-Centric Solutions
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Lower cost financing: Small/mid size suppliers often pay higher interest rates on loans.

Improved Days Sales Outstanding (DSO): Suppliers get paid in as quickly as 1 day for invoices due at a later date.

Larger facility sizes: Due to credit strength of buyers.

Non-debt working capital: Which coexists and complements other early pay or lending facilities.

Facilitates additional sales: Enables suppliers to accept longer payment terms and larger orders.

Term Flexibility
Buyer-Centric Solutions
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Strengthen supply chain: Ensure solid liquidity across the supply chain.

Flexible AP terms: When you provide more financing options for your suppliers, you have greater flexibility with payment terms and can improve your Days Payable Outstanding (DPO).

Stabilize pricing: Helping your suppliers gain access to lower cost financing, drives more stable, competitive supplier pricing.

Complementary to existing programs: Including SCF & Dynamic Discounting.

Positive PR: Support your ecosystem partners with prompt payments.

Why platforms love us

The Raistone platform can be embedded within the platforms companies already use, maintaining the look and feel, while offering clients receivables finance and allowing suppliers to be paid in advance of an invoice due date.

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