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Congratulations on your SAP Ariba Pre Qualified Offer.  Tell us a little about your business, and let Raistone help you turn unpaid invoices into cash.




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How it works

Raistone is embedded at point of sale where you will interact within the Raistone invoiceXcel (iX) application. With iX, you could receive up to a 100% advance rate against your invoices, as soon as the same day you submit your invoices.

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  • Use our quick online application above to get started.
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  • Speak with your dedicated representative to get the best possible solution and provide standard due diligence documents.
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  • Gain access to your funds. We typically advance 100% of your money/ invoice value up front. We get paid once your invoice gets paid.

iX is a non-debt early payment solution designed to get you access to your working capital sooner

Business focused
Unlike other lenders and financial service companies, we are industry agnostic have worked with businesses like yours for many years and understand your unique financial needs. We support facilities from $50,000 to $100,000,000.
Tailored for your business needs
Use only the amount you need, when you need it. Or use our automated tool to accelerate all invoices. This flexibility provides peace of mind.
Low cost
Thanks to pre-existing relationships with invoicing platforms and institutional capital providers we can offer lower rates than the competition. Only pay for what you use, when you use it.
Get the capital you need when you need it. Unlike the 30 day waiting period of a traditional loan, iX relationships can fund quickly. Once a client, you will typically receive your funds within 24 to 48 hours of invoicing.
We can often automatically sync with your existing electronic invoicing platform or software system. You can continue invoicing in your normal course of business without making any changes. It’s that easy.
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