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Creative Construction
“The Raistone piece, and the cash it has provided, has allowed us to take on more and more of these jobs, expand with other companies, and to get contracts that we didn’t even foresee would be possible. And it just keeps on increasing.”
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Boujee LLC
“Because of what Raistone was able to provide us, in the second year of working with them, we actually doubled our sales.”
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Shamrock Electric Co., Inc.
“Without Raistone backing Shamrock, I would not have the confidence to pursue the growth goals we have set.”
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Four Winds Capital Group
“The cost-effective factoring facility we provided allows this transportation company to take on additional work they otherwise would not be able to.”
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Kodak Law
“By leveraging the financial support from Raistone, we were able to grow the size of our firm by 20x over the last 3-4 years.”
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Line Works Construction
“With Accounts Receivable Finance from Raistone, we expanded our financing from $2 million to $20 million in 18 months.”
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A Distribution and Transmission Construction Company
“Thanks to Raistone, our company grew our business, expanded into new regions, and removed cash flow constraints.”
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“By utilizing Raistone, our company has been able to grow faster, hire more people, and retain more employees based on being able to pay them in a very timely manner.”
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A World Leading Construction Company
“Thanks to Raistone, over 400 of our subcontractors have more cash on hand, which allows our company to submit more competitive bids and win more jobs.”
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