Case Study

Todd’s IT and Raistone

When tech provider Todd’s IT obtained fast and affordable financing from Raistone, the timing could not have been any better. The Peoria, Ill., company had just wrapped up work for a major client in late 2018, but wasn’t going to see payment for 45 days, which extended into the new year. Looking to pay a contractor before year end, Todd’s IT turned to Raistone for a non-debt solution.

“It’s fantastic,” said Todd Giardina, CEO of Todd’s IT

It took just a week for the company to get set up for receivables financing through Raistone, allowing them to access their money, on their terms — just days before the calendar rolled over.


“It’s fantastic,” said Todd Giardina, CEO of Todd’s IT. “It’s like
a day and night difference for us on cashflow. So instead of having all of this money sitting out in this pipeline days and weeks out, we’re getting it the same week.”


For Giardina, one of the key advantages of working with Raistone is its native integration with SAP. By connecting to the platform he and Todd’s IT already uses, his company is able to quickly, easily and affordably access their cash.
Raistone provides real-time data integration with SAP, which not only makes
enrollment fast and easy, but also simplifies accelerating payment on new invoices.


With Raistone and SAP, money that used to be tied up for 45-plus days now lands in the bank account at Todd’s IT in about 72 hours. That enables them to manage

Key Benefits

Larger Facility sizes: Todd’s IT now has up to $250K of increased working capital. The facility can scale up insize as Todd’s IT business continues to grow.


Decreased DSO: The amount of time Todd’s IT waits to get paid shrank from 45 days to 3 days.


Low pricing: Achieved because it is based on the strong credit strength of Todd’s IT’s client, which will ultimately pay back the receivable.


Non-debt working capital: Raistone’s solution is non- debt to Todd’s IT. It is simply accelerating payment on an asset, a receivable.

One major capital expenditure for Todd’s IT is a direct mail service offered to clients, simplifying the distribution of thousands of pieces of physical mail. Paper and postage require significant investment up front. Because of Raistone, Todd’s IT is able to recoup those costs in just a few days, instead of waiting the full 45.

“What Raistone offers is a fantastic product. Every small- and medium- sized business should be using it. ”
Todd Giardina CEO, Todd’s IT
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Todd’s IT now as up to $250,000 of increased working capital

Todd’s IT now has up to $250,000 of increased working capital, and they can draw down up to 100 percent the value of their receivables from a major client. The facility can also scale up in size as their business grows.
That cash has allowed Todd’s IT to strengthen its relationships with customers, as Giardina no longer needs to negotiate on payment terms, nor does he need to send reminder letters about repayment. Instead of chasing down payments, Giardina is able to focus on growing relationships —and growing his business.

“What Raistone offers is a fantastic product,” Giardina said. “Every small- and medium-sized business should be using it.”

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