RapidPay from Raistone

RapidPay is an accelerated payment program by Raistone that gives you access to cash for your invoices in as little as 2 days. With RapidPay, you continue to submit your invoices through your existing process. Once enrolled, your approved invoices are sent to Raistone for payment to your account, at a discount, via ACH or wire. It’s that easy!


How it works:

Day 1

Your invoices are sent to Raistone for payment.

Day 2-3

Raistone advances payment to you.

Day 30

Invoice payment is remitted to Raistone.

Sign Up for RapidPay

Signing up for RapidPay with Raistone is quick and easy. Just give us some basic information, and you’ll be on your way to faster payments, giving you the cold, hard cash you deserve.


Submit the form and enrollment application to get started with RapidPay, and you’ll be on your way to faster payments.

How long does it take to get set up?

Enrollment can be completed in just a few days.

Is this a loan program?

No, RapidPay is not a loan. We have leveraged our creditworthiness so that you can get cash fast without using your own credit lines and without recourse to you for valid invoices.

Will the way I submit invoices change?

No, your process will stay the same.

What are the fees and charges?

The discount fee is 1.5% per invoice. There are no upfront or recurring charges to join the program.

Which invoices will be included in RapidPay?

Once your account is setup for RapidPay, all open “drayage/freight” invoices will be paid through the program.

Who is Raistone?

We have partnered with Raistone, a world leading trade finance fintech, to fund your invoices quickly. Through the RapidPay program, Raistone will purchase your receivables to provide you access to cash faster.