ERC Referral Program

More money, happier clients

Our Employee Retention Credit (ERC) program allows businesses to refer clients for ERC financing, providing you with a new revenue stream — cash that you can put to work growing your business. Raistone provides your clients with more flexible non-debt ERC financing than Biz2Credit and other competitors.


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Raistone, the nation’s top financier of Employee Retention Credits (ERCs), has advanced hundreds of millions of dollars in ERC refunds, helping businesses like yours earn revenue and have happier, healthier clients.


We have five on-staff CPAs and have been financing ERCs for nearly two years. Our team possesses deep knowledge around ERCs and have funded around $500M in ERCs to date.


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How it works

Step 1

Your client’s ERC is filed with the IRS

Step 2

Refer your client to Raistone to advance payment of the ERC

Step 3

Collect a referral fee from Raistone when your client accepts early payment

Why choose Raistone over Biz2Credit for your clients?

Non-debt financing. Our ERC advance is a non-debt solution. Biz2Credit’s ERC financing is structured as term loan financing, where fixed interest payments must be made until payment is received from the IRS.

Wide range of funding amounts. We do not have a maximum financing amount. Biz2Credit has a maximum loan amount of $500k.

No credit check or driver’s license required. We do not require a credit check or a driver’s license prior to providing financing. Biz2Credit requires a driver’s license and typically requires a credit check too.

Advance rate up to 100%. Raistone is able to offer up to 100% advance rates. Biz2Credit only offers an advance rate up to 65%.

Are you a business that is interested in
advancing your ERC refund?

Instead of waiting up to a year for your check to arrive, we can give you your money today.

How Raistone benefits partners and their clients

Our ERC referral program helps businesses earn revenue while also helping your clients.

Earn a referral fee for each ERC advanced by Raistone
Improve client satisfaction and increase loyalty
Help our client’s business grow and succeed
Access to non-debt working capital solutions
Get paid in as little as two weeks rather than waiting months
Business growth and success from advanced funds

What makes Raistone different?

The IRS recently issued warnings to businesses about third-party service providers and ERC refunds. We rely on referrals from tax professionals who determine their clients legitimately meet the criteria for the credit, guide clients through the complex tax reporting, and help determine their clients will benefit from accelerating their refund.


Raistone relies on a tax professional’s first obligation which remains accuracy and advocacy for the client. The tax preparer’s referral fee is a portion of what is deducted from the advanced proceeds from our client and they are required to disclose that to their client.

What to Know About the Employee Retention Credit

“Working with Raistone was a seamless experience from onboarding to diligence to execution. The Raistone team was attentive to our priorities, worked to expedite a deal in a timely manner, and communicated the whole way through.”

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Raistone does much more than ERC acceleration

Convert receivables to cash

With Raistone, your clients can advance payment of money that is due to them at a later date. Instead of waiting 30, 60, or 90+ days, they can get paid today.

Defer payables

Raistone enables companies to extend their payment terms without impacting their suppliers, allowing them to maintain more cash on their balance sheet to use as needed.

Earn Virtual Card rebates

By offering a Virtual Card through Raistone, your clients can collect a rebate and enjoy flexible repayment terms, keeping more cash on-hand to uses as needed without taking on debt.

Top 10 Things to Know About the Employee Retention Credit

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is one of the most important recent tax credits available to businesses as they continue to recover from the effects of COVID-19. While nearly 70% of companies may qualify for the ERC refund, there are certain guidelines and restrictions that must be met in order to qualify for this credit.

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