Notice: As of the first quarter of the calendar year 2024, Raistone will be phasing out its Employee Retention Credit payment advance solution, as the Internal Revenue Service also winds down the program. If you have any questions, reach out to a Raistone representative.

ERC Program for Banks

A new solution for your customers

With Employee Retention Credit (ERC) financing from Raistone, banks can offer a trusted solution to their existing customers, attract new customers, increase deposits and earn revenue from referral fees.

Raistone Programs

Customers who do not file for an ERC are missing out on a significant non-debt source of capital — on average $550,000+ per claim.  Customers are actively seeking to accelerate their receipt of the ERC, at a discount to full face value – meaning they want the cash now, instead of at an unpredictable date in the future.


1. Raistone has developed a network of trusted tax specialists who can get the customer the largest amount of cash allowed by the tax policy. A typical CPA is not versed on the nuances of the ERC tax rules, which have changed multiple times from quarter to quarter. Tax specialists don’t charge anything to the customer, unless the IRS pays the ERC.


2. Once an ERC is calculated (either by the method above or through the customer’s existing CPA, tax attorney or tax preparer), Raistone can pay the customer today at a discount to the face value of the ERC, and Raistone will collect from the IRS in the future.

Benefits of partnering with Raistone

Offer a trusted solution to your existing customers. There are many “ERC mills” who encourage applications for the tax credit from businesses that may not qualify for the pandemic relief program.

Increase deposits from your existing customers. By accelerating your customer’s ERC, Raistone provides cash now to your customer.

Drive incremental customers through a program with Raistone. For example, you can require the employer to open a bank account at your bank as part of the program.

Earn incremental revenue from referral fees. By bolstering your product offering, you can have happier customers while generating additional revenue.

Get started

Raistone works with banks to offer a trusted solution to its customers. Your existing customers can see if they qualify for an ERC, and advance payment of their claim through Raistone – allowing you expand your product offerings, increase your customer satisfaction and earn incremental revenue.



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ERC solutions from Raistone

Raistone works with banks to expand their product offering by accelerating payment of their customers’ ERC due to them.

What is an ERC?

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a payroll tax refund made available by the government (IRS) to small and medium enterprises for their efforts to keep employees on payroll during the pandemic. Employers may claim up to $26,000 per employee, and the average ERC is over $550,000.


An ERC is a reimbursement owed to your customers by the government — but they must apply for it, and wait up to a year to get paid.

How does Raistone help?

The IRS is currently taking 6 months on average to pay the ERC employers. Raistone can review eligibility for your customers and advance payment of their ERC, allowing your bank to expand its product offerings, increase your customer satisfaction and earn incremental revenue.

How can my customers qualify?

The IRS estimates that 70-80% of Employers are qualified to receive an ERC (, but less than 8% of eligible companies have claimed the ERC. Raistone and its network of trusted tax specialists can help your customer determine if they qualify, and how much they can claim.

How long will this program be available?

Your customers have up to three years to amend prior payroll tax filings and claim the ERC, providing an opportunity through Q3 2024.

How do I get started?

Fill out the form above or email us at to get started with our team of financial experts.